Bing slowly eating away at Google Search with new market share gain

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  1. I switched to Bing for the Bing rewards program. If you hit the search engine enough times every day you can get $5 a month (or thereabouts) in Amazon gift cards. Easy money.

  2. Even apart from the sweet Starbucks I enjoy on Bing once a month (of course, I pay for a lot more than that plus get way better Starbucks rewards from other vendors), I’ve been finding Bing an improved service generally and use it quite a bit more than a few dozen searches per day. What I’m really liking most about Bing at the moment is it’s giving me Google-like results minus “we’ve detected something unusual about blah blah blah…change your password, give repeated test answers, then still try later”…apparently Bing especially on Win10 is better at knowing ZenMate is a simple vpn extension to keep hackers at Starbucks away, not a “sudden throw-in with TORBorg and Daleks to hack and end the internet and the world”. Cheers!

  3. Google is still the best search engine if you are wanting speed and relevancy.It was one of the first and it still works.Microsoft does not have to OWN everything

  4. i still use bing mainly for image searching and less ad driven web results. so no it is not the best, just better at commercially driven results. google filters and sorts results in many ways so that it gives you the kind of results most people were looking for. therefore it has more mass appeal. but different people have different needs and it is google that apparently has somehow lulled people into complete submission. not microsoft.

    Is it their populist ways of expression with their famous “don’t be evil” motto which in reality they are against that ethos in every single way!? Perhaps.

    It seems that you are unaware that google has entered far more sectors than the rest computing giants, and is trully the only one company who really tries to own everything and control everything not only around you, but even what makes you, well, you! . More recently, they attempt to present themselves as the experts on everything too. It doesn’t work.

    Microsoft always depended on partners and that is mainly why Windows Phone failed. Android is sold at a greater profit margin too! there is one more reason why most merchants will try to push you on it even if you go there to buy a different brand. So google bled to make sure that android tops their competitors no matter what! Even as it is, a worse technology than both iOS and Windows Phone. In reality it is the search and ad business that makes them profitable. Android is only a vehicle they hoped would lead them to control everything. That is why they praise mobile so much. It didn’t.

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