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Bing 2020 US Elections Experience

Bing 2020 US Elections Experience launched

Ahead of the 2020 US presidential election, Bing has come up with the idea of providing netizens an easy and quick way to get all information related to the elections. The new offering named Bing 2020 US Elections Experience, currently […]

Microsoft Search bring the intelligent search for the modern workplace

Microsoft Search brings intelligent search for the modern workplace

We all are familiar with Search feature in Windows 10. Microsoft is taking it a step ahead for the enterprise. Named as—Microsoft Search, this feature uses the artificial intelligence technology (AI) from Bing and deep personalized insights surfaced by the […]

Yahoo and AOL get Microsoft’s Bing as the exclusive search ad platform

Since the last few years, Microsoft has partnered with Yahoo (now owned by Verizon Media Group) to use Bing for their search results. Today, they have announced that they are expanding this partnership with Verizon Media Group. Microsoft & Verizon […]


Official VLC Player site is dangerous says Bing

Bing, the Microsoft search engine warns us that the official VLC Player site is suspicious. Bing suggests choosing another result and also offers a link to the ‘Bing Site Safety Report’ wherein you can check the details. VLC web page […]

Bing update brings Visual Search, Math Solver and more

The Bing team at Microsoft has been on their toes on making Bing a better search engine than its competition and shown an excellent growth. Every month, the team releases some major features for their search engine that makes it […]

Microsoft announces Bing Spotlight

Microsoft looks to be hard at work to make Bing better than its competitions. A few weeks ago, we reported that Bing was updated with a whole lot of consumer-focused features. And now today, they highlighted another feature focused on […]

Microsoft extends the Bing Rewards program to the U.K.

Microsoft has recently extended the Bing Rewards program for its UK users. The Rewards Program was already up and running for the US users since a couple of years. The scheme is pretty simple users make use of Bing as […]

Microsoft helps Bing users stay and eat healthy this new year

Microsoft has been dedicatedly improving the Bing search engine and it was only a few weeks ago that it had reported about Bing’s Holiday features. Bing also hit the headlines after it allowed users to store media items and other […]

Updated Bing Elections Experience gets a new Campaign Landscape tab

As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton get ready for the third and final debate this week, various forecasting models are engaging themselves in analyzing data and making predictions. Microsoft search engine Bing also has joined the bandwagon. It has launched […]

Microsoft Researcher predicts an 87% chance of Hillary winning the election

Microsoft’s Bing Predict is a relatively new product that helps predict election results around the world. The unique technology picks up data from politically related searches to collaborate and incorporate real-time information into the predictions; things like the social media preference […]

Microsoft Rewards

Bing Rewards will soon be called Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft is making some interesting changes to its Bing Rewards program that has been popular among users in the United States for a number of years now. It’s a system where you’ll earn points whenever search queries are made, and […]

Bing Image search

News features in Bing Image Search make shopping easier

Bing search engine has certainly enhanced Bing image search results to make it user-friendly. The images are not only relevant; but also useful to the users in many ways. And Bing search engine is changing its face pretty faster. This […]

Microsoft ends shady tech support ads on Bing

Finally Microsoft decided to get rid of all the shady third-party ads that promises Windows and Microsoft related tech support from Bing. Most times, these ads are not from companies seeking to genuinely help computer users, so we’re pleased to […]

bing code

Bing Partners with HackerRank to bring Interactive Code Editing to Search

Microsoft’s search engine Bing, and HackerRank recently have teamed up to offer millions of programmers an easy way to find useful search results. Until now, the regular practice for programmers has been to resort to search engines to get answers […]

solar system

Bing now lets you search the Solar System

Bing has practically extended search results out of the World by adding Solar System to its database. The popular search engine from Microsoft shows you a pretty interactive Solar System map when you search for the Solar System. The map […]

bing network

Bing ads introduces the Bing Network for advertising

Now advertisers across the globe have more options for advertising their products and services. Microsoft today introduced the new Bing Network. Bing announced the launch of this platform via a blog post. The new Bing Network Stephen Sirich from Bing mentions in […]

Bing talks of Continuous Delivery Method for rapid deployment

If you are following Windows Club closely it will be evident that Microsoft is sparing lots of efforts to make its Bing Products better and now Bing being the second largest search engine globally it only becomes more important for […]

Bing Search gets a new logo with a capital B and blue teal colored fonts

Microsoft is undergoing a lot of change both in its approach towards the product design and the products itself. For instance, the sweet success it tasted with the Windows 10 and the Continuum feature is something that helped Microsoft regain […]

bing internet speed test

Microsoft adds a Speed Test Widget to Bing

There seems to be a new addition made to the existing capabilities of Microsoft’s very own search engine – Bing. The search engine has new feature in the form of a widget that allows you to test your Internet speeds. […]

Bing slowly eating away at Google Search with new market share gain

Microsoft is slowly eroding Google’s core business, something many thought to have been impossible in the past. This is very much due to Bing Search, a service that was once viewed as a pariah, something the software giant should have […]