Latest Bing news.

Bing unveils a Color Picker and a new set of Tools to help Developers has been making slow yet steady progress when it comes to implementing new tools for the developers. Bing had made headlines after it released a set of new tools for the musicians recently and this time around they have […]

Bing announces Knowledge and Action Graph availability to developers

Bing will now make its knowledge graph available to developers. Microsoft today announced Bing’s Knowledge and Action Graph availability to developers via a new API. Developers can now expose rich data from Bing knowledge and action graphs to their apps, […]

Bing Pong game

Bing adds interactive Pong game to its Search Results Page

Released in 1972, Pong – a tennis sports game featuring simple two-dimensional graphics was one of the earliest arcade video games. Four decades later, the game still nurtures some appeal as it finds a place in some of the popular […]

Bing Homepage

Bing adds audio to its beautiful Home page video

Bing has added audio to its home page. Every day, Bing brings a new amazing image on its homepage. Its users eagerly wait to see and learn about the new image on its Homepage. Like millions of others visiting the […]

Bing Videos to get a Makeover

If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Then Is a Video worth a Million; with this thought Microsoft’s search engine brings a modern makeover for videos online. On its official Bing blog, team Bing recently shared the thinking behind […]

Bing News

Bing to encrypt Search traffic by default

Microsoft will soon start encrypting all search traffic on Bing, says Duane Forrester, Sr. Product Manager at Bing. Though it has been more than a year since the search engine made it optional but the software giant has now decided […]

New Termination Clause changes the Yahoo-Bing Search Deal

A new clause has been added to the Microsoft – Yahoo Search Deal. According to this new clause, either of the two parties, i.e. Yahoo or Microsoft, can terminate the partnership any time, on or after October 1st. The amendment […]

Bing app

Updated Bing app for iPhone gets Private Search mode

Bing just announced that the updated Bing app is available for iPhone. Prior to this, Bing released a few new features to simplify the privacy controls in the Bing app. All these features are now available in the Private Search […]

Microsoft and Yahoo amend Search Partnership

After a few months of negotiations, Microsoft Corp and Yahoo Inc. have finally decided to update their search partnership for better search results and to create value for advertisers. Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft Corp. said in a statement, “Our global […]

Bing image search

Bing Image Search inspires to learn more and do more

In a recent blog published on Bing Blogs, Bing says that even image search can inspire you, help you learn more and can offer several other options to do more. Bing Image search Bing has plans to offer several things […]

Bing Ads to support Upgraded URLs

Bing Ads will soon bring the new Upgraded URLs format to help advertisers importing campaigns from Google Adwords. The feature will roll out sometime in the end of this summer. Bing Ads Upgraded URLs Google changed the destination URLs of […]

Bing Ads introduces several enhancements to its Web Interface in 2015

Microsoft recently shared the top 10 enhancements that have been introduced into the Bing Ads Web Interface this year since January. These improvements were rolled onto the Bing Ads web platform, earlier in order to accelerate the productivity of their […]

Microsoft and Yahoo planning a search alliance breakup?

A search alliance agreement signed in 2010, between the two companies allowed Yahoo Inc to use Microsoft Bing’s search technology replacing their own search engine and Yahoo’s search-based advertising system were powered by Microsoft. But recent developments indicate that Yahoo […]


Bing Listens: Leave your Feedback and Suggestions

Ensuring their customers satisfaction, Microsoft has now come up with a new addition, ‘Bing Listens UserVoice forum’ to its UserVoice service list.  The UserVoice Forum as the name signifies, is a forum for public, where users can leave their feedback […]

Microsoft releases Bing New Tab Page extension for Chrome

Team Bing, has always been working to improve the browsing experience of their users. They have now released a new extension especially for Chrome users. Google Chrome users can now land on Bing’s homepage with every new tab they open. […]

Bing Rewards offers free 100GB OneDrive storage

We all like to have more and more of online storage, and Microsoft from time to time has provided some bonus storage for its OneDrive users. So do you want 100 GB of OneDrive storage that too for Free? Bing […]

Bing and Cortana Bring you Live Updates From Cricket World Cup 2015

As the cricket world cup was nearing, Bing team in Hyderabad (India) had been working to bring you live updates from all the matches. The updates will not only include scores but time-table of matches and progress of your favorite […]

Cortana Predicts Results Of Premier League Matches

While Microsoft’s search engine Bing is predicting the results of 57th Grammy Awards, company’s digital assistant Cortana is foretelling the result of Premier League Matches. As posted by Katie Stainer on Microsoft’s news blog, Cortana, the virtual assistant of Microsoft can […]

Bing predicts the results of the 57th Grammy Awards

There are still three days left for The Annual Grammy Awards event, but Microsoft’s Bing Search engine is ready with its Grammy awards predictions. It is not for the first time for Bing as it has done this in the […]

Bing Homepage

Bing announces the most popular Bing Homepages of 2014

A start page lets you conveniently keep up with a huge amount of information collectively. It is the first page which you see when you open any search engine website. There are hundred types of start search engine images available […]

Bing adds direct links to Run Troubleshooters

Bing Search has been helping the users with the factual, as well as technical instant answers for some time now and the latest update posted on the Bing official blog states that a Run troubleshooter button that will directly run […]

Bing Pulse

Bing Pulse join hands for State of the Union Live Audience Voting

Annual State of the Union is considered to be as one of the biggest political nights. With this regard, the opinion of the viewers and analysts hold lots of importance and to make their voice stronger MSNBC and CNN has decided […]

Bing introduces Best-Selling Books Carousel

An odd truth about the book lovers is that more you, have more you want. A quote written by Patricia A Mckillip says, “The odd thing about people who had many books was how they always wanted more.” Microsoft’s search […]

Facebook drops Bings Search engine results

Facebook has silently dumped the Bing search engine results and they will no more be displayed on Facebook. Facebook has been using the Microsoft Bing Search results since the year 2010, but the refurbished Facebook search offerings will now include […]