Microsoft HoloLens is perfect for health, education and fitness

Microsoft highlighted several neat things about HoloLens at its BUILD 2015 keynote yesterday, and it made us very excited for the future. What truly got us talking, was when Microsoft demoed what HoloLens could be used for in the medical field.


Much like Kinect, HoloLens promises to change the world, but unlike Kinect, HoloLens appears to have a better chance of doing so. The technology inside is something we have only seen in movies, so it is great to see Microsoft bringing it into the real world.

Out of all the demos at the Build, we more prefer the possibilities HoloLens could bring to health, medicine, and education. Just imagine students using HoloLens to learn, they could be more responsive in class, and could interact with the professor more seamlessly.

It may even work best for students at a remote location.

HoloLens could also be used to design medical facilities in ways one could never have done before. Doctors could also use it to see more of what is wrong with a patient and bring it to the forefront for the patient to see as well. Google itself attempted to so something similar with its Glass technology, but we all know how that turned out in the end.

In terms of fitness, HoloLens could be used to create a virtual rope for skipping. Just imagine having a virtual rope in hand and jumping without ever having to own the physical component. A virtual jumping rope is just the tip of the iceberg, how about a virtual fitness instructor, or even a virtual teacher.

From what we have seen so far from HoloLens, Microsoft has a winner on its hands, but it all comes down to the final execution. We’ve seen in the past how folks were impressed with Kinect, but in the end, things were quite disappointing with the final product. We hope the software giant learns from the past to forge its future.

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