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Hololens 2

Hololens 2 from Microsoft is now official

Hololens is Microsoft bringing a new category of devices with Mixed Reality and Windows 10. Interacting and working with holograms made it futuristic, magical, productive as well as mobile. But there were some complaints with the device initially. But no […]


Microsoft announces SpectatorView Preview and SpectatorView Pro

HoloLens is a super device for Mixed Reality from Microsoft that helps the user to experience the  3D virtual world mixed with our real world. But when we use a HoloLens, we often tend to forget that the other person […]

HoloLens could give folks without vision the ability to see things

Microsoft HoloLens is quite useful in many areas of society. It’s not ready for consumers, but we can see how the device could change the world and how we live our daily lives. The big question, however, is how would […]

Microsoft brings in Spectator View, a tool to mirror HoloLens

Microsoft has announced some new and exciting tools for its HoloLens. These tools aim at bringing alive the features along with a third person perspective. When Microsoft came up with HoloLens they were well aware that the experience has to […]

ODG R9 smartglass compared to Microsoft HoloLens: Which is better?

There’s a new holographic glasses in town known as the ODG R9, and it might turn out to be the biggest competitor to the Microsoft HoloLens product. With Magic Leap not living up to expectations, people are looking elsewhere for […]

Microsoft makes Hololens available in 6 new countries

Pursuing its commercial interests, Microsoft made its Hololens augmented reality hardware available for pre-order in six new countries – France, Germany, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Hololens comes to 6 new countries Earlier, the sale of mixed reality (MR) […]

Microsoft HoloLens developer highlights interesting video game idea

HoloLens is Microsoft’s augmented reality device that could change the way we use computers. It could also change the way we play video games, which is why a developer released a video showcasing a project he’s working on known as […]

Galaxy Explorer for HoloLens still in development and looks great

How many folks remembered the winning app idea for HoloLens back in 2015? The winning app idea was an app that we know as Galaxy Explorer, and guess what? It is being brought to life. Galaxy Explorer is all about […]

Take a first look at HoloLens Start Menu

More HoloLens goodness have been leaked today, and it shows what the Start Menu will look like. For some time now, the software giant has been refining the Start Menu on Windows to make it modern and easier to use. […]

HoloLens battery life will last for up to 5.5 hours

HoloLens, remember that? Of course, you do, how could you not. It’s the newest piece of technology from Microsoft that is designed to add holograms within our space of confinement. At the moment, there is much we do not know […]

HoloLens could replace the computer monitor

Recent videos of HoloLens in action has shown us what the future could be like with Holograms all around us. Microsoft has done an excellent job so far with getting us excited, and these latest videos have made some of […]

HoloLens looking great with Halo 5: Guardians and Netflix

We’ve seen gaming related projects designed for HoloLens, but all of them looked underwhelming. However, things changed in a huge way not too long ago after a video showing Halo 5: Guardians being played through HoloLens. This has happened because […]

Microsoft wants your ideas for a Windows 10 Universal HoloLens app

Microsoft wants to make HoloLens the next best thing, but it seems the company is running out of ideas because it recently came up with a system where it is asking interested folks to share ideas. The company stated that […]

Microsoft needs to improve HoloLens if it wants to compete with VR

Yesterday Microsoft showed the world what it is capable of when it comes down to great-looking devices. I especially enjoyed the HoloLens demo because it proves the device can be used for gaming, but to what degree? Many fans of […]

Microsoft HoloLens devices destroyed in SpaceX rocket blast

Microsoft planned to send HoloLens to space in partnership with NASA, but as it stands right now, those plans have slightly gone up in flames, literally. The plan was to send HoloLens devices to space via the Falcon 9 rocket, […]

Microsoft demonstrates MineCraft for HoloLens at E3 event

In the E3 event which was held at San Francisco, Microsoft demonstrated MinceCraft for HoloLens. Mojang, the company behind the popular game MineCraft was acquired by Microsoft last year. Mojang’s brand director, Lydia Winters was invited to the dais to […]

Microsoft HoloLens is perfect for health, education and fitness

Microsoft highlighted several neat things about HoloLens at its BUILD 2015 keynote yesterday, and it made us very excited for the future. What truly got us talking, was when Microsoft demoed what HoloLens could be used for in the medical […]

Microsoft shares Video of HoloLens at BUILD 2015

On Wednesday at Microsoft BUILD 2015, Microsoft shared a video providing a closer look to HoloLens; a Windows 10 powered holographic headset revealed by the company in January 2015. The video shows how HoloLens can help users to manipulate the […]

Microsoft patents Emotion Detection and Feedback System for Hololens

Get ready to become more social with the Microsoft Hololens. The company has filed a patent for emotion detection and feedback system for Hololens. The patent has been filed in the name of a single inventor, Robert Jerauld while Microsoft […]