Hololens 2 from Microsoft is now official

Hololens is Microsoft bringing a new category of devices with Mixed Reality and Windows 10. Interacting and working with holograms made it futuristic, magical, productive as well as mobile. But there were some complaints with the device initially. But no one could complain, as it was the first of its kind device. Microsoft has been noting down all the cons and working in the background to transform it to the pros of the device. Today, Microsoft has announced the Hololens 2 at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain, and this device are just so better.

Hololens 2

Microsoft announces Hololens 2

Talking about its looks, the device is sleeker. This makes it far more comfortable, and at the same time, it is much powerful. The field of view or FOV has also been improved for better-mixed reality immersion. Microsoft claims to have doubled up on the field of view as compared to the first Hololens headset. This comes in with an upgrade to individual view panels from 720p to a 2K resolution.

Along with that, Hololens’ creator, Alex Kipman also announced that the Hololens 2 is 3 times more comfortable than the first iteration due to construction with a new carbon fiber material that is much lighter. Furthermore, the design of the device has also been modified to calibrate the weight of the device in such a way that the center of gravity of the device lies in the person’s head who is wearing it.

The software has got an upgrade too with hand tracking and the ability to touch the holograms. The demo showed the presenter playing a hologram based piano with her bare hands.

Alex also announced that the Hololens hardware is highly customizable and can be used to adapt to a variety of fields.

Trimble is the first partner in this with Microsoft which customizes Hololens 2 to fit in the hardhats for frontline field workers.

It will be available for $3500 later this year but can be preordered right now if you are interested.

Read the details on microsoft.com

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