Microsoft HoloLens developer highlights interesting video game idea

HoloLens is Microsoft’s augmented reality device that could change the way we use computers. It could also change the way we play video games, which is why a developer released a video showcasing a project he’s working on known as HoloLens Lady Reloaded: Lightning Strikes Back. The video is designed to highlight what it could be like if someone decides to create an immersive first person shooter with HoloLens. We’ve already seen several first-person shooters played via HoloLens, but nothing like this.

HoloLens Lady Reloaded: Lightning Strikes Back

HoloLens Lady Reloaded: Lightning Strikes Back

Every first-person shooter game we’ve seen so far, has things crawling through walls among other things. However, what about titles with human villains inside our living room and shooting at us? We haven’t seen that one before, and this is where HoloLens Lady Reloaded: Lightning Strikes Back comes into play.

The video shows how it is possible to map and several areas of a house, which includes furniture and stairs. Digital characters should then be able to interact with these objects inside the house.

If the player is in combat with a digital character, this villain should be able to run up the stairs among other things. The video did not show it, but it should be possible for digital characters to take cover behind in-house objects.

A game such as this could add a whole new aspect of immersion to video games.

HoloLens Lady Reloaded: Lightning Strikes Back in its current form, is not yet ready for prime time, but it does give us an idea of what future games designed for HoloLens could look like.

A developer with deep pockets could mesmerize us with something unique, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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