Toolkit to disable Automatic Delivery of Internet Explorer 11 released

Automatic Updates are good when you want them to. But, it the case of Internet Explorer, it may become an unwanted update when you want the current version of a certain software or application as it is. The makers of Internet Explorer 11 have always sensed this requirement and have been releasing toolkit to disable Automatic Delivery of Internet Explorer versions from time to time.

Blocker Toolkit for Internet Explorer 11

Disable Automatic Delivery of Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft has now released a Blocker Toolkit to disable the automatic delivery of Internet Explorer 11.

When releasing this toolkit, Microsoft mentioned that,

“To help our customers become more secure and up-to-date, Microsoft will distribute Windows Internet Explorer 11 as an important update through Automatic Updates for Windows 7 SP1 and higher for x64 and x86 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and higher for x64.”

With the Blocker Toolkit for the Internet Explorer 11, users are able to disable automatic delivery of Internet Explorer 11. Microsoft considers this toolkit as ‘an important class update’ via Automatic Updates (AU) feature of Windows Update (WU). Many times, people have machines in the environment where Automatic Update is activated. Those who want to block the automatic delivery of Internet Explorer 11 on such machines, can attain so with the help of Blocker Toolkit. Another great feature of the Blocker Toolkit is that it does not expire.

Along with the download of the Blocker Toolkit, Microsoft has also released some important notes for the users. When the toolkit is used on the computers with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, it prevents the reception of Internet Explorer 11 through Automatic Updates on the Microsoft update sites and Windows update. However, it will not prevent the users from installing Internet Explorer 11 manually from the Microsoft Internet Center.

Users must note here that the Blocker Toolkits used for blocking Internet Explorer 8, 9 or 10 will not work for blocking Internet Explorer 11. Users will have to use the Internet Explorer 11 version of the toolkit, since there are different registry keys used for different versions of Internet Explorer.

The Blocker Toolkit will certainly prove to be a useful for the users who do not wish Internet Explorer 11 to be updated on their machines automatically, until they are ready.

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