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VBScript will be disabled by default in Internet Explorer 11

VBScript is a client-side scripting language such as JavaScript which is now outdated. Microsoft has announced that VBScript will be disabled by default for Internet Explorer 11. It will also be disabled in WebOCs for Internet and Untrusted zones on […]


Microsoft highlights dangers of using Internet Explorer

Microsoft is making users aware of the perils of using Internet Explorer as their default browser, suggesting that you switch to another browser. Microsoft’s cybersecurity specialist in a blog post said that although it is fine to use Internet Explorer […]

IE11 will be supported on Windows Server 2012 and Embedded 8

Earlier, Microsoft had decided to abandon the entire old version of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 11 has been the only IE version on the block since then, with the exception of Windows Server 2012 and Windows Embedded 8 Standard because […]

Internet Explorer is leaking data to websites

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is reportedly leaking everything you type on the address bar. Security researcher Manuel Caballero first discovered this issue in the very latest version of Internet Explorer. Microsoft has not yet released a patch for this bug. IE […]

Adobe Flash Player to remain on Microsoft browsers

Microsoft’s Security Staff on Monday announced that they have made the decision of keeping Adobe Flash Player as default in both the Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge browsers in Windows 10. Adobe Flash Player to remain on IE & Edge […]

Microsoft sends a Get Windows 10 notifier in Internet Explorer security patch

After being in the news for deciding to make Windows 10 Upgrade as a Recommended Update recently, Microsoft now is sending a ‘Get Windows 10’ ad notification concealed under its latest security patch. This month’s security patch reportedly contains a Windows […]

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Internet Explorer 11 will now lock Home Page and Search Engine

You may have noticed that some programs users download or install seek to tamper the default browser settings without the user’s consent. Microsoft has now decided to tackle this issue head-on by disallowing changes in Internet Explorer home page and default […]

Internet Explorer 10 users need to move to another browser right away

Microsoft announced that it would be discontinuing support for Internet Explorer 10/9/8. What this means to you as users, is that you would not be treated to any kind of bug fixes or offered security updates, even if there exists […]


SmartScreen Filter in Internet Explorer will now stop Drive-By-Downloads

Microsoft’s SmartScreen Filter, the system that has been offering protection to users from internet based attacks since last 8 years has now evolved into a more powerful tool with capabilities to block web-based attacks that silently abuse software vulnerabilities to […]


Microsoft to support only Internet Explorer 11 starting January 2016

Starting January 13, 2016 Microsoft will just support the latest version of its flagship browser Internet Explorer, which is version IE 11. The company will end support to older versions ie, IE 10, IE 9, IE 8 and earlier, meaning […]

Microsoft ending support for RC4 cipher in early 2016

Microsoft has announced that it is ending support for RC4 cipher in both Internet Explorer 11 and Edge. This will begin in the early parts of 2016, and as such, it will no longer be used in TLS fallback discussions. […]

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Do Not Track will not be the default setting on Microsoft browsers

Microsoft today announced that it was reversing its approach to Do Not Track. It will henceforth, by default, disable Do Not Track in its browsers. In Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 and Windows 7, the ‘Do Not Track’ option […]

IE Diagnostics Adapter

Microsoft introduces the IE Diagnostics Adapter for third party developer tools

Microsoft announced Internet Explorer Diagnostics Adapter for developers. This tool will enable them to debug and diagnose Internet Explorer 11 using the Chrome remote debug protocol. IE Diagnostics Adapter As Microsoft puts, this tool stands as an open source experimental […]

Opera buys SurfEasy, a VPN & Privacy company

Opera, the software company today acquired SurfEasy, the Toronto-based company, known for its easy-to-use VPN security services. The upcoming versions of Opera web browser will come with the VPN features and an added layer of encryption helping users to protect […]

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Microsoft to kill Internet Explorer

A recent report on MSN Money confirms the new that Microsoft is going to kill the Internet Explorer brand very soon. It was confirmed by an announcement made by Chris Capossela, Microsoft’s head of marketing, at the Microsoft Convergence conference that took […]

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Yammer to display warning banner to Internet Explorer 9 users

Yammer is an enterprise social network that helps employees connect with each other, share and find information among the whole team. Since its launch in 2008, Yammer has built a huge user base and subsequently attracted Microsoft to acquire Yammer […]

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Microsoft details Internet Explorer in Windows 10 Tech Preview for Phones

Microsoft always keeps updating all its products and services on a regular basis. Improving the mobile web experience has lately been their priority and thus company has released many targeted improvements to Internet Explorer in the Windows Phone 8.1 update. Back […]

Internet Explorer vulnerability gives invitation to phishing attacks

Recently, David Leo, a researcher with a security consultancy firm called Deusen, in his Full Disclosure mailing list disclosed a flaw in Internet Explorer browser, best described as universal cross-site scripting vulnerability. The Internet Explorer vulnerability allows attackers to go around […]

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Microsoft may introduce Public-Key Pinning feature for Internet Explorer

A vast amount of information becomes readily accessible online today. It is therefore, essential to have adequate safeguard mechanisms in place to protect such vital resource. As such, browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox that provide key to this resource, […]