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RemoteIE: Test latest IE on Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS

The long awaited RemoteIE tool has finally been announced by Microsoft. RemoteIE is available as a preview version via Azure RemoteApp tool where in, developers from different cross-platform operating system can download the RemoteIE client and can test the latest […]

disable ssl 3.0

Microsoft releases Fix It to plug SSL 3.0 vulnerability in IE

Recently, a vulnerability was discovered in the SSL 3.0 protocol, referred to as the Poodle Attack, which allows hackers and attackers to inject malicious code into your computer or web hosting servers. We have already covered in that post, how you […]

out-of-date ActiveX control

Internet Explorer starts blocking out-of-date Silverlight and ActiveX controls

Starting November 2014, Microsoft will start blocking out-of-date ActiveX controls and Silverlight on Internet Explorer. The following IE versions on the said Windows operating systems will be supported, beginning January 2016: Windows operating system Internet Explorer version Windows Vista SP2 Internet […]

Internet Explorer for Windows 10

New Internet Explorer for Windows 10 Technical Preview

The new Windows 10 does not just aim to make the OS more user-friendly, but also refines the browser experience with an improved Internet Explorer browser. In a blog post, Microsoft outlines new changes that it has introduced in the […]

Microsoft to rebrand Internet Explorer

Microsoft to rebrand Internet Explorer?

There was a time when some of us used Internet Explorer to download Chrome or Firefox or for Windows Update. Many still us it to download alternative browsers, even today. Microsoft released that Internet Explorer 6 had given a bad […]

Microsoft to drop Support for older Internet Explorer versions

The latest news that we have from Microsoft, is that is going to kill older versions of Internet Explorer from 2016 onwards. Come January 12, 2016 the company will stop providing support for all outdated IE versions and is going […]

block out-of-date ActiveX controls

Internet Explorer will block out-of-date ActiveX controls

Starting August 12th, Internet Explorer will start blocking out-of-date Java ActiveX controls. Oracle Java, along with Adobe Flash, have been a major vector used to plant malware on Windows systems for quite some time now. These Java or ActiveX controls […]

Internet Explorer Developer Channel

Microsoft Internet Explorer Developer Channel is live

Microsoft has announced the release of Internet Explorer Developer Channel to give developers an early look in on the various features of Internet Explorer. The IE Developer Channel provides a version of the browser for Developer’s to explore and test […]

Internet Explorer 12

Microsoft details new features in Internet Explorer 12

Internet Explorer 12 has now become the most awaited version of IE. But what is more interesting about it is the list of features in Internet Explorer 12 that IE has published for the world to see. You too can […]

Microsoft releases Fix It to patch IE10, IE9 Zero-day exploit

Apart from the security advisory that Microsoft issues from time to time, the company, via its Technet blogs also publishes articles detailing affairs that attempt to exploit a vulnerability in its software. Of late Microsoft team noticed targeted attacks that attempted […]

Rethink What The Web Can Be with the brand new Internet Explorer

For the past two years, Internet Explorer has been vigorously innovating and pushing to the extreme levels of creativity in order to make the web experience much faster and perfect. Today, IE launches Rethink, a platform showcasing the efforts which […]

Internet Explorer 11 popularity surges, runs 10% of all desktop browsers

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 11 has surged a record elevation in the latest statistics of web browsers for the desktop provided by Net Market Share. As expected, Internet Explorer has continued its world domination and is used by over 57% people to access […]


Microsoft unveils Holiday Lites Test to benchmark your browser’s performance

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team brings the new themed browser Benchmark Site for Internet Explorer 11 these holidays. With the seasonal theme, this Benchmark is named ‘Holiday Lites’ and is based on the classic toy Lite Brite. It is a light box toy containing […]

IE11 Page prediction, Preloading, Prefetching features make it even faster

Internet Explorer 11 lets you browse the web fast as it loads the page content instantly, says Microsoft. In an official blog post, Microsoft explains how its premium web-browser tackles the network latency issue and utilizes battery life, memory, and […]

Study shows security of 40% of web gets automatically enhanced by IE11

Is your internet browser capable of making your internet connection much more secure? Well Internet Explorer 11 sure does. Internet Explorer 11 has the ability to reduce the usage of susceptible cipher-suites like RC4 and apply the latest web security […]

Meet Inori Aizawa – Internet Explorer personified!

In a personification of the browser Internet Explorer, on the occasion of ongoing Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2013, Microsoft has posted a video of a character named Inori Aizawa, who is now also the mascot for the Internet Explorer browser. […]

Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 11 brings Red Bull biking experience to the web

Once again validating the great capabilities of Internet Explorer 11 Microsoft has joined hands with Red Bull Media House to provide viewers a chance to enjoy the great mountain biking experience on the web. Red Bull, a name famous for […]

Maxthon releases IE-based browser for Windows Phone

Internet Explorer isn’t the only valid option on a Windows Phone. There are a handful of browsers available from third-parties, promising to offer a free way for improving your browsing experience. After all, variety is the spice of life. So, […]

JPG Images to be displayed up to 45% faster in Internet Explorer 11

New enhancements made to Internet Explorer 11 should cheer up long time Internet Explorer users. The powerful browser now claims to have introduced a new image decoding pipeline that greatly increases the speed of loading JPG images from websites. JPG […]

IE10 in Windows 8 comes with improved Flash Player Security, says Adobe

Adobe today explained in its official blog post that Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 comes with improved Flash Player Security. Adobe explained the security improvements done into Flash for IE10.  “With the launch of Internet Explorer 10 on Windows […]

Levitation & LawnMark websites show you the power of Internet Explorer

In spite of the fact that Internet Explorer has been improving with every version release, people still love to hate it. Microsoft has been going all out and trying its level best – apart from considering a rebranding exercise – to capture […]