Windows 10 Anniversary Update reportedly causing problems for many

Windows 10 Anniversary Update started rolling from August 2nd. Users are installing the updates ever since they were released. The updates came with a lot of new patches, interesting features, and new additions. However, it seems the Windows 10 Anniversary Update are causing some issues with users’ systems after the installation. Some issues were reported on different platforms by various users within ten days of installation of the updates. Here is a quick glimpse of the problem that users are facing are the installation of Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Issues with Windows 10 Anniversary Update

There are various issues reported in the update. These issues include bugs in the update. These bugs are causing various other issues such as freezing of a system and malfunctioning of browsers, peripherals such as Xbox One. Besides, A couple of antivirus companies warn that the incompatibilities with Windows 10 Anniversary Update can expose users to certain security risks.

With these issues, users are also facing the problem with limited time to roll back the Anniversary Update. Since Windows 10 Anniversary Update can be rolled back only within 10 days, some users were not able to rollback after 10 days of installation. Many users started noticing the problems only after 10 days; they are left with no option, but to stick with the Anniversary Update. Microsoft should have officially informed users that the rollback period had been reduced from 30 days to 10 days in Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

McAfee mentioned in one of its blogs that,

“The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is NOT compatible with versions of McAfee products. Customers must avoid upgrading to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, or attempting to install McAfee products on a system with Windows 10 Anniversary Update, without first verifying their McAfee products are compatible.”

A similar thread was seen on Reddit as well, which in fact pulled in a lot of users to comment who have faced similar issues. Some of the users mentioned that whenever they clicked on the taskbar, their systems would lock up on its own after some time. Some other mentioned that the browser started malfunctioning after the update was installed. Users are also facing issues while installing Edge browser extensions.

With such issues, Microsoft now has a responsibility to tackle the issues and offer solutions to the users. Microsoft’s team is certainly making an effort to resolve these issues. If you are also facing some issues after installing the Anniversary Update, you can try and resolve it with the answers offered on Microsoft Answers or search on this site.

Microsoft has also come up with some suggestions to help fix these freezing problems. Go check them out here.

See this post for some possible resolutions for you Windows 10 Anniversary Update problems.

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