Acer India website hacked

Acer India’s website has been hacked by a  Turkish Hacker Group, Maxney. The site has been defaced and is facing a massive leakage of data. Over 20000 user credentials and information in the XLS format has been claimed to be leaked and put up on Rapidshare as a 41MB compressed file. The data appears to be a complete server extraction within two folders, says the source.

The defacement appears to a protest against the Israeli actions.

The defacement was not a complete index rewrite, but more so a add-on which has effected the following websites:

  • Etc.

Acer India is now aware of the hack and has taken the site down. At the time of writing, the website is still offline.


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  1. Beasty365

    The main page is online though? :L

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