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WhatsApp vulnerability allows hackers to install spyware through a call

If you never cared about updating your WhatsApp version earlier, it is time that you do so urgently. Ignoring the warning signs of WhatsApp update on your smartphone for weeks can actually land you in deep trouble. Facebook-owned, WhatsApp has […]

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck hacked; loses half a billion dollars

Owning a currency riding in a speculative way has inherent dangers. The description holds true for Bitcoins holders in Japan. In an unfortunate incident, Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck lost $530 million to hacking. Coincheck hacked; loses half a billion dollars […]

NotPetya is not a Ransomware; its a Wiper, say security researchers now!

Petya…NotPetya… now Not a Ransomware! Reports from leading security researchers suggest NotPetya, an infection that invaded computers worldwide is a Wiper (since it overwrites parts that a disk needs to run) and not a Ransomware. An analysis of the encryption […]

Malware writer renames Ransomware after a security researcher

In an attempt to ruin the reputation of Fabian Wosar – the man who bears the reputation as a Ransomware decrypter, Apocalypse malware writers have renamed their ransomware after this Emsisoft security researcher as Fabiansomware. Malware writer renames its Ransomware […]

Incidence of Cyber Crime surpasses Physical Crime in the UK

Cyber-crime is the biggest recorded offense in the UK lately. A new Cyber Crime Assessment 2016 report released by NCA (National Crime Agency) confirms that cybercrime now outpaces any other kind of crimes in the United Kingdom. The most commonly recorded […]

Microsoft releases a cybersecurity checklist for Government agencies

Government agencies are the ones that have been the epicenter of cyber attacks. Since the Government agencies have a sensitive database which might contain crucial information about the countries armed forces it just becomes more appealing for the attackers. The […]

Trends in cybersecurity

Microsoft publishes e-book on Trends in Cybersecurity 2016

If you are looking for some good information on trends in cyber security for this year, then Microsoft is here for your help. Microsoft has recently published a free-to-download e-book on cyber security trends, titled as “2016 Trends in Cybersecurity: […]


Microsoft to show how to respond to major business security risks

Microsoft has come up with a security webinar that is aimed at empowering business owners on how to tackle some of the major security threats. The webinar is titled “Top 5 security threats facing your business – and how to […]

Cyber criminals

UK computers under Cyber criminals’ attacks

Microsoft’s News Center in UK recently reported the growing attacks on UK computers by the cyber criminals. As technology is advancing, cyber criminals too are getting smarter. As a result, the incidents of cyber crime is increasing across the globe. […]

Microsoft inaugurates a new Cybersecurity Center in Korea

In the wake of rising cybersecurity threats, Microsoft Korea, a subsidiary branch of Microsoft Corp. today launched its new Cybersecurity Center (CSC) in Korea. The launch of the cyber security center signals Microsoft increasing interest and raising investment in the […]

Cyber Security Trends 2016: Safeguard your Businesses

Cyberattacks are on the rise and the midmarket companies are the major targets as they hardly use any data protection. A recent report published by Intel security states that 80% midmarket businesses don’t use data protection and are open to […]


Cyber criminals are targeting eBay: Buyers and sellers beware

eBay, one of the biggest e-commerce websites on the web, is not as safe as some might believe. We understand that the platform has come under intensive cyber-attacks in recent times. A security company , Check Point, has come across […]

Venom, bigger than Heartbleed, affects all datacenters as a zero day bug

Even as people are still patching Heartbleed, another zero day bug called Venom, has surfaced, that leaves almost all data centers vulnerable to hackers. Heartbleed is a bug where hackers can use memory overflow to compromise computers. It had been […]

The Great Cannon of China can bring down websites across the globe

According to a report from Citizen Labs, China may have developed a tool to attack websites hosted at any part of the planet. The Internet in China is already heavily censored and all the filters are collectively dubbed as the […]


Criminal Justice as a Service – Microsoft’s Viewpoint

In a recent blog post, Microsoft talks about criminals being global threat. It says crime travels borders and has high mobility. According to Microsoft, Criminal Justice as a Service (CJaS) can help a long way in solving cases as well […]

Microsoft Updates to kill malicious trusted certificate

After the Superfish adware that used trusted root certificates to help leak sensitive data, there is a new problem that popped and is being addressed by Microsoft. In the group of trusted root certificates, there comes a weak and fake […]

FREAK Vulnerability patched by Microsoft

A week ago it came to light that Microsoft operating systems above Windows XP were vulnerable to FREAK. This was a bug that helped hackers in exploiting Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) to initiate a man-in-the-middle […]

SSL/TLS vulnerability

Microsoft Advisory says all its operating systems vulnerable to FREAK

According to a security advisory released by Microsoft, all the versions of Windows, including Windows 8.1 and even Server are vulnerable to FREAK. It, however, maintained that it is an industry wide issue and not limited to Microsoft’s Windows operating systems. […]

Attack on Anthem

Anthem Hit By Hackers, 80 Millions Records Stolen

The second largest health insurance provide, Anthem, was recently hit by hackers in what is being called the largest attack in the healthcare sector so far. The Wall Street Journal reported that the healthcare managers accepted that data was breached […]

WordPress under attack; SoakSoak compromises 100K+ websites

WordPress being the most popular CMS has always been a target for the hackers and cyber criminals and the latest malware attack has compromised around 100,000 WordPress sites. The Russian malware SoakSoak was first noticed on Sunday morning when it […]

Microsoft releases Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit v5.1

Today, Microsoft released the next version of its Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit – the EMET 5.1. EMET is well-known for its services that offer protection against several new as well as undiscovered threats that might not be formally caught by […]


Russian Hackers exploit Windows Bug for targeting NATO, Ukraine, etc.

One of the leading cyber intelligence firm, the iSight Partners, today announced a zero-day vulnerability which is impacting several widely used software. Further, the report revealed that Russian hackers have exploited this bug in all supported versions of Windows Server […]

snapchat hacked

Snapchat Service breached: Photos leaked

The troubling incident reported about Snapchat suggests the service was breached. Members of anonymous online messaging forum 4chan claim to have accessed gigabytes of private photographs shared on Snapchat by breaking into cloud storage servers of a third-party application that […]

How Gizmodo Brazil users were compromised

Gizmodo’s Brazil regional site was in the news for being compromised earlier this year. It was a protuberant attack and the malware was spread to over 7000 within two hours. A malicious proxy auto-configuration script was added to the main Gizmodo […]


Thousands of Mozilla email IDs and Passwords were leaked

This story may be a month old, but its is something Mozilla users need to know. Early this month, Mozilla announced that a database on Mozilla Developer Network or MDN that contained members’ email IDs and passwords got disclosed on […]


CNET hacked! User data compromised.

Technology news, download and reviews website CNET has been hacked by a Russian hacker group called as “W0rm” leading to compromising of usernames, encrypted passwords and email addresses of more than a million users. CNET said that a representative from the […]