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Hackers stealing Google Passwords via Red Cross website

Sophos, the renowned security vendor recently posted about a new phishing attack trying to steal Google passwords via Red Cross website. According to the report posted by Sophos, the hackers send the unsolicited emails to users asking to open a […]

BSNL Website hacked by Anonymous India, passwords and database leaked

The website of India’s state-owned telecom company The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) website, was hacked today! Anonymous India claimed credit for hacking the website and said that it hacked the website in support of activists Aseem Trivedi and […]

Acer India website hacked

Acer India’s website has been hacked by a  Turkish Hacker Group, Maxney. The site has been defaced and is facing a massive leakage of data. Over 20000 user credentials and information in the XLS format has been claimed to be […]

Windows Store security compromised by a hacking tool

A Windows Store hacking tool has been released, that allows users to hack into Windows Store and convert trial versions of apps into full versions. The Windows Store offers paid as well as free apps for Windows 8. The paid […]

Israeli Finance Minister: Israel successfully beat back hackers

Contrary to the claims by Anonymous that it had hacked hundreds of Israeli websites, the Israeli Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz said Sunday that out of some 44 million-plus attacks on government and defense related websites, only one succeeded! The Minister […]

Anonymous hacks hundreds of Israeli websites

Anonymous launched a massive hack attack on hundreds of leading Israeli websites, in support of the Palestinian people. The attack was codenamed #OpIsrael and was launched in protest against Gaza Operation – Pillar of Defense. Several important Israeli government websites including […]

Key Websites of Indian Defense Organizations Hacked by an Algerian Group

Servers that host websites of most precious and important organizations in India were hacked successfully by a group of Algerian hackers. SanFour 25, as the group identifies itself planned and carried out a successful cyber attack on websites operated by the Defense Research and […]

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Microsoft Store India website hacked – Database compromised!

Microsoft India’s online store has been hacked and defaced! Although it was possible to browse individual items, the home page displayed the following message. The credit for the hack has been taken by the EvilShadow, apparently a Chinese group, and […]

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Linux Foundation websites hacked

The, and websites have been taken offline. The reason? They appear to have been hacked! While how this has exactly happened has not been explained, it does appear that was compromised which gave the hackers root […]

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Facebook Founder Marks Facebook Fan Page hacked!

Social sites have always had an issue with security, the more popular they get with users the more they are attacked. We can’t always blame the sites though, alot of times its the users choice of passwords, security information and  […]

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The Twitter website is being widely exploited by users who have stumbled across a flaw which allows messages to pop-up and third-party websites to open in your browser just by moving your mouse over a link. UPDATE: The flaw has […]

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Iranian Cyber Army Hacks Baidu !

The most popular Web search engine in China,, was attacked by a group of hacktivists identifying themselves as the Iranian Cyber Army. The hackers hijacked the domain’s DNS records and pointed it to a server under their control.