Microsoft releases Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit v5.1

Today, Microsoft released the next version of its Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit – the EMET 5.1. EMET is well-known for its services that offer protection against several new as well as undiscovered threats that might not be formally caught by the antimalware software. This new release comes with various improvements and changes thereby fixing many issues that were posing problems to the security as well as compatibility of the application.

UPDATE: The latest version as on 18th April 2017 is EMET v 5.52.

EMET 5.1

EMET 5.1 Major Change Log

  • Delivering the solution to several application compatibility issues generally faced  with some of the EMET mitigations and IE, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash & Mozilla Firefox.
  • Improvements to certain mitigations in order to offer robust, hard and more effective services against the attacks and bypasses.
  • Addition of “Local Telemetry” feature which enables the user to save the memory dumps locally during initiation of a mitigation.

All the improvements and changes released are listed in KB301596 , so if you want to go through all the minor and major changes released to EMET 5.1, then please visit that KB Article.

We advise Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 users to install EMET v5.1 if they are already using EMET 5.0 and IE11 because certain compatibility issues were discovered with the November Internet Explorer update and the EAF+ mitigation.

Well, in order to avoid these issues you can even temporarily disable EAF+ on EMET 5.0 but we recommend you to get the latest version of EMET to get benefited from the released enhancements.

Interested users can read more about the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit.

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