Latest Cybercrime news.

Bitly hacked! Change password and reconnect your social accounts., the URL shortening service, which shortens more than one billion links per month, has suffered a data breach or possibly hacked. Bitly has urged all its users to reset their passwords amid a security breach that happened few days […]

OpenID and OAuth security flaw can compromise your logins – Beware!

When the online world was just recovering from the shock of ‘Heartbleed’, another serious security flaw was found in other open-source security software. Severe security flaws have been found in two popular log-in services, namely, OpenID and OAuth, which are […]


Microsoft Services not affected by OpenSSL Heartbleed bug

The new-found OpenSSL bug named as Heartbleed has caused worry for all the commercial as well as other websites that are internet-based. However, Microsoft announced in a blog that their services are unaffected by the vulnerability caused by OpenSSL Heartbleed. […]

Official Microsoft Office Blogs hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army

The Syrian Electronic Army is not yet done with its attacks on Microsoft. Following the recent hack on Microsoft’s social accounts, SEA today acknowledged the hack of Microsoft Office Blog on its official Twitter page.   The Syrian digital group […]

Syrian Electronic Army hacks Microsoft MSFTNews Twitter account

Just a few hours ago, we saw Microsoft’s Xbox Support Twitter account being hijacked by Syrian Electronic Army, and now Microsoft’s News Twitter account, @MSFTnews has gone down the same path. Microsoft hasn’t yet acknowledged either of the hack attacks, […]


Malwarebytes reviews threat attacks of 2013 & predicts about 2014

Much like in the  real world, the internet too has bad people. While 2013 did manage to roll out some of the finest gadgets, and enhance the existing technologies, we witnessed a lot of depraved things too. Popular security firm, […]

Snapchat hacked, 4.6 million accounts compromised

The photo and video sharing app, Snapchat has reportedly been hacked. Not just that, the login credentials of compromised accounts are also available at a site called Although the site isn’t working for some at the moment, I was […]


Microsoft opens new Cybercrime center for combating cybercrimes

Taking a giant step towards tackling Cybercrime, Microsoft Corp announced the opening of the Microsoft Cybercrime Center.  Dedicated to make web a safer place, the Cyber Crime Center aims to track cyber crimes happening across the globe and assist law […]

AVG, Avira, WhatsApp Websites Hacked

It’s shocking to learn that the main websites of AVG Technologies, Avira and WhatsApp have been hacked by KDSM Team, a Palestinian hacker group. The representatives of Avira have given their confirmation on this case of DNS Hijacking. Sorin Mustaca, […]

Browser Addon for Chrome & Firefox Hijacks Social Media Accounts

Hackers can now hack your social networking accounts and update your status, chat with your friends, invite them on your behalf and much more. Trend Micros has recently detected a new malware hijacking the social networking accounts such as Twitter, Facebook […]

Microsoft releases Infographic titled The Security Realm

Microsoft, at Black Hat 2013 conference, released a map Infographic. This Infographic illustrates the various Microsoft security programs available to users to protect their computer systems. Titled, The Security Realm – a Microsoft Map of the Known World, the Infographic […]

Microsoft Malaysia domains hacked

TiGer-M@TE, the hacker from Bangladesh has hacked several high profile domains from Malaysia including the official Microsoft domain “”. The hacker has created a defaced page flaunting the successful hack attack. The defaced page says, “Hello Malaysia, you think you are […]

Ichitaro vulnerability being exploited by targeted attacks

Japanese word processor Ichitaro vulnerability is being exploited in wild targeted attacks, says the advisory published by JustSystem. Symantec noticed and reported the exploitation back in February but it was then a minimal attack and was also limited to the […]

Microsoft, FBI, others, join hands to disrupt cybercrime operation

The combined efforts of Microsoft and FBI has led to the disruption of over thousand botnets, viewed as being responsible for stealing people’s digital information and personal identities. The duo in combination with other technology industry partners like FS-ISAC, the […]

22 million IDs stolen by hackers, suspects Yahoo Japan

Yahoo Japan suspects an unauthorized attempt to access the administrative system of their web portal. As per the reports posted by Yahoo Japan, up to 22 million users IDS are leaked during the suspected hack. The Japanese news agency Kyodo News […]

Microsoft establishes MARS – a consolidated Cyber Crime center

Cyber crime is a menace. Underlining the need to prevent all forms of criminal activities on the world wide web in its own interests, Microsoft recently rolled up its sleeves and announced MARS (Microsoft Active Response for Security). This consolidated […]

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Microsoft confirms Cyber Hack Attack

Microsoft Corp. today has confirmed that it was recently targeted by hackers in a cyber attack. With this hack, Microsoft has joined the list of well-known technology companies (Facebook, Twitter and Apple) facing hacking attacks. Talking about this latest cyber […]

Various NBC websites hacked and spreading malware, warns Emsisoft

Visitors to NBC’s websites are in danger of having their PCs infected with malicious software. NBC belongs to the most visited TV and news portals worldwide. A hitherto unknown organization has obtained access to the NBC webservers. The attackers managed to […]

Anonymous Hacks Burger King Twitter Account

Burger King’s Twitter account (@burgerking) got hacked and was made to display the McDonalds logo. Burger King (@Burgerking) had more than 89,000 followers in its Twitter account which was hacked today morning. Since then the Burger King account has been […]

Anonymous India brings down IIPM websites

Hackers group, Anonymous India hacked IIPM (The Indian Institute of Planning and Management) websites yesterday on Saturday February 17, 2013. The Indian Department of Telecom (DoT) has issued an order for ISPs to block about 78 URLs. and […]

Facebook Was Hacked, Security Team Confirms

The world’s most popular social site Facebook was hacked recently. Many of us may have experienced the down time. There were some messages to the effect that the site was down for maintenance. But now the official Facebook Security team has confirmed […]

Hackers compromise Clicksor Ad Network to distribute malware

The research team of Trusteer recently investigated malvertising campaigns from several of the leading online advertising networks that distribute Blackhole Exploit kits that utilize this vulnerability to compromise user endpoints. Malicious Advertising or Malvertising makes use of online advertising to […]

Anonymous Hackers Group Hacks U.S Govt Website To Avenge Swartz’s Death

The Anonymous hacker-activist group today hijacked the U.S Sentencing Commission website in order to take revenge of Aaron Swartz’s death. Aaron Swartz, internet activist hanged himself on January 2013 in his Brooklyn apartment. Aaron Swartz was under a huge depression […]