Incidence of Cyber Crime surpasses Physical Crime in the UK

Cyber-crime is the biggest recorded offense in the UK lately. A new Cyber Crime Assessment 2016 report released by NCA (National Crime Agency) confirms that cybercrime now outpaces any other kind of crimes in the United Kingdom. The most commonly recorded cyber crimes include the data breaches, BEC (Business Email Compromise), DDoS attacks (Distributed denial of service) and Ransomware. National Crime Agency has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) last year with Trend Micro in order to combat the

The annual Crime Survey of England and Wales conducted last year states that there are 2.46 million cybercrime incidents with around 2.11 million victims in the UK. The report further states that the 53% of total crime in the UK was linked with computer misuse and the internet enabled crimes. Security firm Trend Micro, however, states that the number of cyber crime reported is significantly less than the actual number of crimes chanced which consequentially hampers the law enforcements and combat.

NCA said in their press release, “This shortfall in reporting hampers the ability of law enforcement to understand the operating methods of cyber criminals and most effectively respond to the threat.”

A malware or ransomware attacking your PC and personal accounts are as dangerous as the house robbery or intrusion and thus it is strongly recommended to report the internet frauds and other cyber crimes. Doing so allows the government security agencies to apprehend the criminals and give you a better protection against the perilous cybercrimes.

While cyber crime was first included in the official crime statistics last year only, the increasing number of data breaches and online frauds are certainly a fact to ponder upon. Cyber-crime is a real and growing concern and it is time for ‘cyber-crime’ to stop being treated as a secondary crime.

Trend Micro actively encourages victims to report such online frauds to their local law enforcements.

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