List of the biggest announcements at Microsoft Build 2017 conference

The month of May this year can be celebrated as the ‘new announcement and launches month’ for Microsoft. Just a few days back, Microsoft launched new Surface Laptop and the new Windows 10 S operating system along with it. This month, Microsoft also held the Microsoft Build 2017 conference during 10th to 12th May. A lot of new announcements were made during this conference.

Microsoft Build 2017

Major announcements at Microsoft Build 2017

Here is the glimpse of it of the major announcements:

  • Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: This is one of the biggest announcements Microsoft had done in Microsoft Build 2017. There are several new features that the Windows 10 OS is going to get with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. One of the major features is, users will be able to continue working on their documents, PPTs and projects using their Windows mobile devices, even after they shut down their PCs.
  • Azure Batch AI Training: Developers will have a good time with their AI and machine learning products. Thanks to Azure Batch AI Training launched at the Microsoft Build 2017 conference. It will help developers to train the AI and machine learning products without making any changes to the hardware.
  • Microsoft Fluent Design System: Another ambitious announcement made by Microsoft at the conference was the Microsoft Fluent Design System. Fluent Design was formerly known as Project Neon and it’s made for Windows 10. The Fluent Design System will make the apps will look cleaner and fit better on display.
  • Story Remix: There’s something in store for everyone in Microsoft Build 2017. Story Remix is a great app that will let you create great videos using photos and video from your smartphone.
  • Microsoft’s Presentation Translator: Regular Windows users will love this announcement of Presentation Translator. The translator will translate the PowerPoint presentations without removing the original formatting.
  • OneDrive Files On-Demand: This is one of the most useful announcements made at the Microsoft Build 2017. OneDrive will now come with a new feature called ‘Files On-Demand.’ Users will be able to view all their files stored in the cloud and also locally.
  • Surface Pen: Surface Pen isn’t new. But it can now be used to scroll and interact throughout Windows.
  • Cosmos DB: During the Microsoft Build 2017 conference, Microsoft also announced the new database tool, Cosmos DB.
  • Xamarin Live Player: It seems Microsoft is making Windows OS support other iOS too. With the new Xamarin Live Player, Windows will let iOS app developers deploy, test and debug applications on any Windows PC using Visual Studio.
  • Clipboard: Another exciting announcement at the Build 2017 is the clipboard that can be used universally, across all Windows devices. If you are working with the clipboard on a Windows PC, you can continue your work on a mobile Windows device.

Apart from these 10 interesting announcements, Microsoft made several other announcements such as the inclusion of iTunes on Windows Store, VR Motion Controllers, Cognitive Services for AI and machine learning apps, Visual Studio for Mac, Cortana Speaker for HP and many more.

With these announcements, Microsoft is certainly bringing bigger changes in the technology.

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