Another Windows 10 build for Insiders – A direct jump to Build 14251

Microsoft released another Windows 10 Build for PCs for Insiders in a week. Just last week only, Windows Insiders had got the Build 11102. So as Microsoft had promised, frequent builds for Insiders. But the surprise was the big jump in build number to 14251 from the last preview build 11102.


Why this big jump in Build number?

Before we go into the Build details, here is the reason behind this big jump in build number.  As Microsoft’s Gabe Aul explains:

Historically, the codebase for mobile had a different OS version than the codebase for PC because they were developed by different teams on different schedules. With Windows 10, we became one Windows team and brought these two codebases together. We started by changing the version string displayed in the UI to be consistent, which is why you saw similarly labeled builds over the past year for both Mobile and PC, but the underlying binary version numbers were still different. As part of our work getting the common codebase ready for the next release, we decided to complete that work and sync the build numbers between mobile and PC. Because the mobile codebase used higher build numbers than PC, we needed to jump ahead a bunch of build numbers to ensure updates to future builds will continue to work. So that’s why build numbers went from 11105, 11106, and 11107 to 14251.

Issues fixed in Windows 10 Insider Build 14251:

Though this Windows 10 build does not contain any notable features but has really good bug fixes. There are some Cortana improvements announced earlier.

  • PC gaming issue where the games would crash when switching from Windowed mode to full screen, when changing resolution or crash on launch is resolved in this build.
  • Intermittent issues or crashes in applications like Narrator, Magnifier and other third party assistive technologies has been fixed.
  • File explorer crash when DPI settings changed to 175% is fixed.

Known issues in Build 14251:

  • Issue described in earlier build of WSClient.dll error dialog after login still present. Microsoft is working on the fix meanwhile one can check this workaround for the same.
  • Action center doe not show Connect button. Workaround is to Press Windows Key +P , and then click “Connect to a wireless display”
  • Periodic app crashes or other memory related app errors due to recent memory management changes. Workaround is to reboot the PC.
  • F12 Developer tools will not load in Microsoft Edge. Will be fixed in next build.

About Windows 10 Mobile builds:

Gabe Aul also shared about what’s happening to Mobile 10 builds. Lumia 950, 950XL, 550 devices already comes pre-installed with Windows 10 Mobile, what about the promised upgrade for existing devices? Its already a bit delayed.

Gabe Aul said,

The team is working now by looking at data and reports from Insiders who have upgraded their devices to preview builds, and ensuring that we deliver a great upgrade experience to customers. We’re excited about making the upgrade available, and will share new information with you just as soon as we can on how the rollout will happen.

We’ve also been working on our shared core which spans across PC, Mobile, Xbox, HoloLens, and more – which we call OneCore….Today we deliver our 4th PC preview build, and are nearly ready to start sharing new preview builds for Mobile as well. We will start by making these builds available to devices that shipped with Windows 10 Mobile – the 950, 950XL, and 550 – and expand from there as we release Windows 10 Mobile to other devices.

Gabe Aul announcing this, once again also reminded about the Windows 10 build for Insiders, that change to release builds faster to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring, bugs like the ones we had in the last build are going to pop up and there might be some new bugs which the Microsoft couldn’t find even in internal testing. If this worries the users they can anytime change to Slow ring which is less frequent but more stable builds.

Vasudev G. is a Technology Enthusiast. He is a Windows Insider MVP and is committed to Microsoft technologies and products.


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