Apple brings back Google Maps app to iPhone, after its own Map app faced ridicule

The world’s most popular online mapping system, Google Maps app returned back to iPhone. It was around three months back when Apple replaced Google Maps and inserted its own map apps with the release of its latest handset iPhone 5.


Apple’s map app was inferior as compared to that of Google’s and after numerous mistakes and complaints reported, Google’s app was brought back to the iPhone.

Time Cook, CEO Apple issued a public apology for the shoddiness and inconvenience of Apple’s map app. Time further recommended the iPhone users to use the Google Maps app until there is a permanent fix for the problem in Apple’s map app.

Apple’s map app was even considered as life threatening app by Australian police saying that it was misleading the users badly. Seeing the widespread ridicule of Apple’s map app, CEO Tim Cook replaced the executive in charge of Apple’s mobile operating system.

Google, on the other hand has included many new features in its new iPhone map app. Talking about the refurbished map app, mobile director of Google maps Daniel Graf said:

We started from scratch, Google engineers started working on the new app before Apple’s September 19 ouster, Graf said, though he declined to be more specific.

Some of the major features included in new iPhone map app include:

  • Turn by turn directions
  • Three dimensional views
  • Listing of more than 80 million businesses
  • Public transit directions and
  • Street level photography

Google’s free mapping app could well be one of the hottest commodities in Apple store.

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