Apple kills support for Safari 6 on Windows

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  1. For a few months I had Safari as another browser.Over the past two weeks my Windows 7 Home needed clean reboots, as it was taking too long for logoffs and for one second before actual logoffs the message about choosing to force shutdown due to background processes running would flash; I thought maybe UWT had malfunctioned as it wouldn’t uncheck “delete pagefile at shutdown” and such processes were unknown to task manager, VIPRE, and me. I then saw some IP security videos showing how Safari 5, 5.01 let all kinds of old and new malware download; same testers showed IE9/VIPRE at least catching 9 out of 10 downloaded malware test samples. After Windows Club topics this past week, I checked into Comodo IceDragon and other Comodo utilities, and am now using same as together with Windows security and VIPRE I’ve had zero threats on what can be a hard-to-harden/sandbox Acer Aspire 5736Z 4GB 64 bit laptop. I think Safari is fine for virus-free environments but I won’t miss it or its quirky WebKit crashes on Windows.

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