Apple Maps Manager Richard Williamson Fired

In an attempt to restore faith among its disappointed users, Senior Vice President of Apple Internet software and services, Eddy Cue has reportedly fired the Manager of Apple Maps, Richard Williamson.

Apple with the launch of its latest mobile OS – iOS 6 this year replaced long used Google Maps with its own mapping service but the company’s first attempt at rolling its own maps turned a nightmare after the service was widely criticized over incorrect addresses, mislaid landmarks and misguiding driving directions.

The problem was such that it led to a shakeup in the industry. In a rare move, even the CEO of the company Tim Cook had to apologize to customers for the flaws in the map program. He had said the following in a statement:

“We are extremely sorry for the frustration this has caused our customers and we are doing everything we can to make maps better.”

Many customers and journalists complained although Apple Maps displayed thoroughly improved interface , which replaced Google Maps on iOS, it showed defective images, showed poor directions and lacked public-transit information.

Williamson was not available to comment on the subject. His reported firing has still not been announced publicly by Apple.

The company officials weren’t available either to comment. Meanwhile, LinkedIn – the business networking site LinkedIn still lists Williamson as Apple’s senior director of iOS platform services.

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