While Apple Maps misses landmarks by 40km, Nokia Maps touts its accuracy & superiority

Internet trolls must be thanking Apple for launching Apple Maps with iO6 for it kept them busy whole day drafting new jokes about how poor the service was and how a heavily populated area suddenly shows almost nil population on Apple Maps.

With the iO6 update, Apple went ahead to replace the existing and trusted Google Maps in-built functionality with its very own Apple Maps. And the results? A disaster! Inaccuracy up to 40 km, absence of prominent landmarks, distorted building images and non-existent street names are some of the laugh-about points in Apple Maps. Articles highlighting these silly mistakes are on top of the most-read list on BBC News, Huffington Post and others.

Apple Maps took the liberty to distort the famous Brooklyn Bridge in New York City completely, resembling a lean bridge and surrounding streets having being hit by a massive earthquake!

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Many such hilarious errors have been recorded on this Tumblr blog. You want to check them out!

On the other hand, Nokia has been pretty consistent in its efforts to provide users with a realistic and accurate navigation experience with superb apps in the fold like Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive and Nokia City Lens. In busy places like Bengaluru (dubbed as the Silicon Valley of India), Nokia Drive is considered as a must-have app which provides spot-on navigation details, lays out the proper route with ETA with the best part being its ability to automatically come up with an alternative route if the user ever happens to deviate from the locked-in route. Nokia City Lens and Nokia Maps are other great apps whose presence only adds up to the better of the experience.

According to Conversations by Nokia, “Our superior apps are built on the most accurate, automotive-grade Navteq maps, meticulously developed by over 20 years of know-how. We believe that the best user experience comes indeed from precise data, robust processing of core platform functionalities like routing, geocoding and traffic, and by user friendly apps.”

This interesting stats image underlines the good work that Nokia has been putting in and proves that the smiles on their users face are very much genuine.

Acc to Tim Shepherd [Senior Analyst – Canalys], “Nokia’s suite of location-aware apps and services on its new Lumia devices put it in a clear lead over its competitors in terms of the depth, breadth and integration of the mapping, navigation and transport experiences it can offer. It also leads in terms of the global coverage it provides”.

Number of countries where voice guided turn-by-turn navigation is available

Tim is spot-on! Nokia indeed has the best maps around on its Windows Phone devices helping users tremendously with a near-complete navigation experience.

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