Apple praises Nokia Lumia 900 in Court

Did you hear that right? Apple praising a smartphone running an OS developed by Microsoft? That’s got to be a first one but yes, it’s true.

Apple and Samsung have been locked in a bitter trial since weeks which has drawn the world’s attention towards it and may turn out to hold significant importance and mark its place in the annals of history. The two mobile giants have repeatedly accused each other of copying/stealing patents and designs related to mobile technology. This led us witness each side throw a bountiful of substantial yet confusing evidence in to the other’s bucket every time the need arose, thus prolonging the already long trial to uncertain limits.

However, an interesting incident happened during Apple’s closing arguments. A lawyer representing the software giant from Cupertino actually held up a Nokia Lumia 900 device in the court as an example of innovative smartphone design before stating the following,

Not every smartphone needs to look like an iPhone.

This may come as a surprise to many as Nokia, in partnership with Microsoft, is involved in a fierce battle with Apple to reclaim the top spot in the mobile market. Their latest devices, the Nokia Lumia 900 and the Apple iPhone 4S are billed as top favorites by consumers and critics and are themselves involved in a tight battle to emerge as ‘THE BEST ONE’.

The Nokia Lumia devices have earlier won many-a couple of awards for their excellent design and that’s what the Apple team seems to have highlighted; indicating that not every successful smartphone needs to look like an iPhone, indirectly pointing a finger at Samsung.

The folks at Redmond must be secretly grinning after this latest act by Apple, more importantly Ben Rudolph aka BenThePCGuy [Microsoft Evangelist] who seems to be on a mission to defeat the maximum number of Apple iPhone devices in the #SmokedByWindowsPhone challenge.

Well that was a brave step, Apple. Starting to like the Mango, huh?

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