Avast reprimanded by Google for weakening browser security

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  1. Just because extensions like Noscript or Script Defender can safely do some things certainly doesn’t mean all extensions are safe, especially for security; the only security extension I’ve ever liked for its limited purpose is Team Cymru’s MHR extension for FF…it works only in the browser’s download directory and lets you check any download for malware, no known extension leaks. I use it in Linux FF browsers as an additional way to spot junk that could be transferred to Windows, there being slim Linux AV at the moment. Also, watch VPN extensions…many just have the changed IP “sitting at the end” but use your ISP’s or whatever your regular DNS resolvers are instead of their own, creating a DNS leak despite changed IP, and most VPN extensions don’t block WebRTC so your real IP is reported to sites as well as the changed IP. Thanks for reminding of browser security, cheers!

  2. So Google, who made you the ‘king’ of security? As the front-runner in revoking user privacy, you have some nerve attacking another company; there is a better way to handle yourself in this situation. This is exactly why I don’t use your clunky, sub-standard products.

  3. google doesn’t like it because it over rides their spying platform and avast keeps you safe from hackers , spys and government spys and you can choose for your bowsing history not to be shown i have been using avast for a good 9 years 10 years or more and it works great and i’ve never had any issue i love their browser becuase it runs smoother and it keeps all teh nasty people out of your browsing history and from being tracked .

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