Avira Browser Safety Makes Browsing Safer

Till a few years ago, we browsed in a world where there was no need to worry about bogus adverts and PUP (Potential Unwanted Programs). The main reason of it was that our browsers didn’t had so many counterfeiting toolbars. To make things better again, the popular security firm, Avira has launched a program called Avira Browser Safety which makes your browser toolbar-free.

Avira browser

Avira Browser Safety

The program is in its beta stage, and unlike its previous version “Searchfree Toolbar” which was developed by Ask search engine, Avira Browser Safety is developed and built by their own team members from plain scratch.

However,they did have team up with Abine for bringing “Do Not Track Me” capability. Abine as you might remember is popular for its handy services like DeleteMe – which helps you delete your traces from internet or help you sign out of a service, MaskMe – a service which protects your precious email ID from getting in the hands of spammers, and DonNotTrackMe, a service that helps you keep distance from advertisers and other online trackers.

With this tool, Avira is trying to make the searches you do online much safer. It is worth mentioning that there are many shamy toolbars available across the digital world which indulge in criminal activities like tricking you to download tools only to install keyloggers and other annoying adverts to steal your bank account credentials.

Avira Browser Safety works with all popular web-browsers, but since the app is in its beta period, it is not publically available to all just yet. You need to sign in with your Avira login credentials to access it, or create an account with them in case you don’t have one.

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