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Fourth largest Cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb, hacked for billions of Won

While the Cryptocurrency market is thriving, most governments across the continents have clarified that they are not responsible for its legalities. Strict warnings have been issued that if anyone indulges in trade of Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, the government would […]


US Senate votes to let ISPs sell your Web Browsing History to Advertisers

The Internet Service Providers can now send your personal data curtly to the advertisers without your permission and you literally can’t do anything about it. So, killing the Obama-era privacy regulations, the US Senate has voted to let the ISPs […]


China tightens Great Firewall; Blocks Virtual Private Network (VPN) access

Governments of every nation selectively practice Internet censorship but in China, it is extreme due to a wide variety of laws and administrative regulations. The recent move from the Chinese government takes censorship to a next level as the authorities have […]


Microsoft to stop Security Only updates for Internet Explorer 11

Breaking away from the individual patches method, Microsoft introduced a new update approach called roll-up model for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 somewhere in 2016. The updates available in this new model included Security Monthly Quality Update (aka the Monthly Rollup), […]

Create a 10kb website page and win $10,000 from Microsoft

Building the perfect website is extremely difficult as there are several variables one need to consider. However, what happens when someone must create a website with just 5kb worth of code? Yes, you read right, the size of the code […]


Net Neutrality wins in the US court

The broadband industry in the United States has been defeated in its lawsuit suing the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) reclassification of Internet Service Providers as common carriers and Net Neutrality regulations. However, in Tuesday’s ruling, the US Court of Appeals for […]


Over 8 billion devices are now connected to the Internet

According to a recent IHS Technology’s Connected Device Market Monitor report, there were over 8 billion devices connected to the World Wide Web at the end of 2015. Surprisingly enough, it’s not the PCs or Laptops that are leading these […]

Microsoft partners with Movivio to launch a free Internet initiative

Billions of people worldwide will soon get an affordable access to the internet, thanks to Microsoft Affordable Access Initiative. The plan is to help people worldwide with an affordable access to the Internet – and Movivio has recently joined the […]

US lags behind in Internet speed; Not even in the Top 10!

According to Akamai’s State of the Internet Report, US ISPs are not able to provide good speeds to its customers. The report does not feature the US even in the top ten countries’ list. According to the report, the Internet […]

Microsoft to support OpenSSH community for Windows Powershell

Microsoft has announced that it has chosen to support and contribute towards OpenSSH community. OpenSSH, also known as Open Secure Shell, is a suite of security related tools that work at network level in TCP/IP and helps secure the communication […]

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State of Net Neutrality in India – What lies ahead!

It is not simply about money. It is about more money by hidden means. What is Net Neutrality in the first place, what is the state of Net Neutrality in India and why is there so much tension among Internet users […]

Flipkart walks out of Airtel Zero to support Net Neutrality

In a dramatic move, India’s popular e-commerce company, Flipkart,  has stepped back from the partnership with Indian telecom major – Airtel, on a controversial Airtel Zero platform. Flipkart today issued an official statement to NextBigWhat stating it is walking away […]


GitHub was hit with a massive DDoS attack from China

GitHub, the popular web based hosting service for software development, was hit with a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack from China for the past 24 hours. The attack started sometime on Wednesday, when Chinese web services company Baidu, started […]

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Slack was Hacked; Its Central database exposed

The startup technologies appear to be the new target of hackers. Slack, the text messaging start-up today disclosed that it had been hacked by hackers. The company was hacked for four days in February exposing the central database to malicious […]


One in three of top websites vulnerable or hacked, says report

A report from a security company, has bought some striking revelations about the security of the websites that we browse daily. The report says that one in three of the top million websites was either vulnerable to be compromised or […]

Internet celebrates 30th anniversary of .COM domain names

One cannot imagine a world without domain names. If there were no concept of domain names, we would all have to remember some  unintuitive, geeky IP addresses. Thanks to domain names, which made our lives simple, by offering human-readable names […]

SSL/TLS vulnerability

New FREAK ATTACK exploits SSL/TLS vulnerability

Thanks to researchers who work day and night to disclose new cyber attacks and their remedies to ensure that we are protected. Recently, researchers disclosed a new SSL/TLS vulnerability called The FREAK Attack. This is the same protocol that is […]


HTTP/2, The more efficient and faster web protocol is hitting soon

Yes, the news is official now; the much awaited HTTP/2 is ready and formally approved by The Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG). The update means that your webpages would now load faster and connection between the browser and server would […]

Facebook provides free Internet in India

Facebook tied up with Reliance communications to provide free Internet in India. Reliance communications says the initiative by Facebook also includes a total of 33 free websites under different categories, mostly education, health and social networking. People who are using […]

EU takes a step further to kill Privacy on the Internet

Privacy has been an issue all along past many decades, especially since Google started sneaking into what you are searching on the Internet. In an age where people are concerned more about their privacy than ever, law makers and law […]

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India blocks PasteBin, Vimeo and 30 other sites

The orders of India’s DoT have blocked 32 websites in India. The list includes some very popular websites like Vimeo, Pastebin, Dailymotion, Github and many others. The issue is reported mainly by the users using BSNL, Hathway and Vodafone network. […]

Microsoft India planning free Internet using White Space technology

Aiming to widen internet reach in rural India, Microsoft India is planning to provide free internet using White Space technology. Microsoft wants to take last mile internet connectivity to remote parts of India. For this, Microsoft has proposed the telecom […]