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Dangerous dares start making rounds on the Internet

A growing number of youngsters in search of Internet fame have been found performing dangerous stunts and posting their dare-devil acts online, risking life for few Facebook likes. This raises concerns as the practice has now become an alarming online […]

Microsoft launches a new Technical Communities Website

Whether you are having some problem on your Microsoft product and are seeking help, or you are an expert that can help people with common queries, there is a good news for you. Microsoft has just announced that it is […]

Avira Browser Safety Makes Browsing Safer

Till a few years ago, we browsed in a world where there was no need to worry about bogus adverts and PUP (Potential Unwanted Programs). The main reason of it was that our browsers didn’t had so many counterfeiting toolbars. […]

Embed posts from Facebook to blog or web site with Embedded Posts feature

Sharing Facebook posts publicly has just got easier after the announcement of Facebook Embedded Posts feature. The much wanted feature will allow the social media giant users post Facebook posts on other Web pages easily and embed any public post […]

Pakistan to filter Social and Political content on the Internet

For the purpose of social and political content filtering on the internet, Pakistan is implementing Netsweeper. The citizen Lab internet research group, based at the Munk, at the University of Toronto has reveled that Canada based Netsweeper internet filtering products […]

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Opt Out Of PRISM website launched; recommends alternative software & services

PRISM is a $20 million data collection program, where many US-based Internet companies like Google Facebook, Yahoo, PalTalk and other bigwigs like Apple and Microsoft have leaked their users information to the National Security Agency & FBI organization of the US […]

Google’s Project Loon : Offers Internet via Balloons

After bringing Driver-less cars and Google Glass, team Google [X] is now set to launch the internet beaming antennas into the stratosphere.  This project is named as ‘Project Loon’ and is in its experimental stage presently. Google is experimenting with […]

Internet, the revolution turned 20 on April 30th!

20 years back, the internet was made available to public and the whole world was introduced to the biggest revolutionary change in the way we communicate. Back then, people were amazed to see this new medium of communication; but very […]

Mozilla Persona, an Identity System for the Web, launched

Mozilla today launched an authentication service “Mozilla Persona” to improve the way you sign in to different websites. With Persona, you can sign-in to different websites using a single email addresses relieving yourself from the trouble of memorizing and managing […]

New Send To Kindle Button Comes to the Web

Reading documents and web content on Kindle will become easier than ever with the newest icon gifted from Amazon. Yes, Amazon yesterday announced new feature for Kindle owners, the “Send to Kindle Button” that lets them save the interested stories […]

5 websites captured 20% of Search Results Clicks

In a study released recently, it was found that just 5 sites captured 20% of all search activity in Q4 2012. The top 500 websites captured nearly 50%, whereas the top 1,000 websites captured nearly 75% of Search Results Clicks. […]

Hackers compromise Clicksor Ad Network to distribute malware

The research team of Trusteer recently investigated malvertising campaigns from several of the leading online advertising networks that distribute Blackhole Exploit kits that utilize this vulnerability to compromise user endpoints. Malicious Advertising or Malvertising makes use of online advertising to […]

Safer Internet Day 2013 is being celebrated today

The Safer Internet Day (SID) is organized by Insafe in February of each year to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially amongst children and young people across the world. This year too, the […]

Mega crosses 1 million users within a day of its launch

Talk about doing things the way he wants! Kim DotCom had launched a new file sharing website, Mega, after having his previous venture, Megaupload been shut down by authorities exactly a year ago. And within a day of its launch, Mega […]

Kim Dotcom Launches New File Sharing Website ‘Mega’

Internet tycoon Kim Dotcom has launched starts up a new file sharing website named Mega. This is a new website based on cloud sharing service allowing users to upload and store any of their files.  Kim Dotcom’s previous website Megaupload was […]

Swabr Microblogging site, lets you connect with colleagues free

If you run an enterprise and are looking for a platform to stay connected with your employees, you must give Swabr a try. Swabr is a German microblogging service. Swabr is an enterprise microblogging service especially designed to improve communications within a […]

The top 10 memes of 2012 – Know Your Meme

The year 2012 kick-started a lot of new trends in many walks of life which means that related witty memes ruled the roost. Memes – ‘culturally relevant multimedia often enhanced with a witty caption’ were amongst the most-shared media content […]

Digital Badge for Safer Internet Day 2013 unveiled

Every year in February, Safer Internet Day 2013 is organized by Safe, the Certificate in Social Networking and Makewaves, the social learning environment. The idea being to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially […]

India gets IPv6

The incidents of cyber attacks have been rising sharply in India. Taking note of this, the Indian Registry for Internet Names and Numbers (IRINN) has begun issuing the next version of Internet addresses, IPv6, in the country. IP address or […]

RapidShare announces new hosting model

RapidShare has announced that with effect from 27th November 2012, it will move to a classic hosting model, that will see not only the storage space but also the traffic created being paid solely by the owner of the file. […]

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Infographic from Microsoft: What do Indians do online?

Microsoft Advertising today released a study entitled ‘Living with the Internet – What is Driving Web behavior’. The study is intended to gain better insights on consumer’s web behavior and aid marketers and brands to tap into these insights, the […]

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Facebook is the most black-listed website on the internet!

OpenDNS, the world’s largest provider of Internet navigation and security services that make networks safer,  today released a report about the most commonly blocked and commonly white-listed websites.  The report also lists the websites, online scammers most targeted in 2010, […]

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ISOC Announces 8 June, 2011 World IPv6 Day. What is IPv6 anyway?

Yesterday ISOC (Internet Society) announced 8th June 2011 as the World IPV6 Day. On that day, some of the internet biggies like Google Facebook and Yahoo will join the ISOC’s initiative to bring the IPv6 to the main stream internet.