unveils Personalized Cards on Bing home page

Bing has unveiled a set of Personalized Cards on the Bing Home page. The cards which you see at bottom of Bing Home Page show news of various topics and can be personalized according to your interests. This new Bing Interests service helps to track personal interests like news, stocks, local weather, traffic, flights, some places recommendations at present. More will be added to make it more personalized and relevant.

Once you set up your interests in Bing settings, you will start seeing personalized cards marked with a Star. After opting in,  you’ll see a few starter interests, like weather and headline news in your account. Later you can add other interests you’d like to track.


To set up your interest, sign-in with your Microsoft Account in Bing Home Page, click on the ‘Preference Gear’ on top right. And there you have the new Interests settings option. BingInterest01.png

Start adding your interests. Once you’ve selected various interests to follow, Bing tracks them for you and provides stories, news, updates on the Bing homepage cards that are personally relevant to you. You can edit your interests or even delete any or all of the information that Bing stores at any time. You can also turn Bing Interests off and clear all of your interests and stop receiving notifications about them by going to the Bing Interests settings page.

Announcing this, Chen Fang, Program Manager Bing, mentioned that as long as you’re signed in, Bing will remember your interests and notify you, across a range of Bing-powered Microsoft services such as Cortana.

Bing interests also sync with Windows Phone. There you also have FAQ section to know more about the New Interests. Also change the region to US, if your region does not yet support those cards feature.

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