Bing lists their 3 important search ranking factors for websites

While Google may be a very popular search engine, there are many people who use Bing daily in order to get information on some or the other topic. Although there are many relevant document present on the web to satisfy a user’s need, there are still many irrelevant searches also, that a user has to cope with. Michael Basilyan, Senior Program Manager of the Bing Content Quality Team, has done a great job of sharing detailed information on how Bing’s algorithm determines what is ‘Quailty Content’.


According to Michael Basilyan there are basically three pillars that all together makes a ‘Quality Content’. These pillars are:

  1. Authority : Authority is best defined by pointing out one question- Can we trust this content, its author or the website?. Bing checks the authority of the content and the author through signals from social networks, the identity of the author, cited sources etc.
  2. Utility : Utility is the second pillar which defines how well the content description is and how much information it is providing to the users. Bing prefers web pages with detailed relevant information with multimedia support like instructional videos, images, graphs, etc. According to Bing the webmaster should require a level of expertise to generate the unique content while sharing it on the web.
  3. Presentation : This is the strongest pillar in determining the Quality Content in Bing Algorithm. The content of the webpage should be well organized and well presented so that user who visited that web site should not wander here and there in search of the useful information which the person is looking for. According to the Bing the presentation of the webpage is such that it is easy to use and understand, should be properly designed and the content should be easy to find on the page.

According to Michael Basilyan,

Content Quality is one of the primary dimensions along which we optimize our ranking models. This is good news for webmasters because the three pillars of Content Quality are largely in their control. And the great news for users? Content Quality means we are serving more authoritative, useful, and better designed content.

Sigh – although I like to belive that this site rests on these “three pillars of Content Quality”, I guess we have a lot of work to do to get into Bing’s good books, since we hardly rank in Bing Search … unlike in Google Search!

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