Bing now lists Britannica Online Encyclopedia Answers in Search Results

A few weeks ago, Microsoft introduced the Social Search feature to Bing by integrating the best search results from the popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Now Bing is – kind of – competing with Google’s Knowledge graph feature, has rolled out a new feature in partnership with the Britannica Encyclopedia.

Bing is now offering the Britannica Online answers directly in the Bing results page for a search, made by you.

A core focus for us here at Bing has been about delivering relevant information in a more organized way to help you find what you need more quickly and get stuff done. An example of this approach has been seen in our answers feature – a snippet of information designed to give you a quick look at what you’re searching for while also giving you the option to dig deeper into the results, says The Bing Team.

With this step Bing is now more focusing on providing organized and more relevant results to help you in finding more quickly, the things you like to use or want to see.

A snippet of information directly fetched from Britannica Encyclopedia will be displayed in the search results. The answer provides a quick overview of the subject, a thumbnail image, and useful facts and figures making it easier than ever to get trusted content in search. Links to other trusted sources are also listed.

Though the results from Wikipedia are still ranked top in the list of search results at Bing – the Britannica results are displayed a little down the line.

Go to and try this new intelligent feature on your own!

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