Bing partners with Facebook to present personalized search results

Microsoft has announced that Bing will partner with Facebook to deliver personalized search results based on your social network.

Bing will enable a great search experience for people queries, by bringing in information from your Facebook friends and people who share networks with you, and will show you what your friends have liked as you navigate through search results in Bing.

So rather than seeing just anyone’s reviews or views, you may be searching for, you will see the information that your social network has been sharing about it.

The idea is to unlock and harness the potential of social data and take it to the next level by presenting personalized search results.

A new feature called Liked Results, which uses Facebook “like” information to help you discover new information and get more personalized results in Bing. Facebook Profile Search on Bing also lets you find old friends or discover new ones.

You can also control this Bing-Facebook search experience! If you’re signed into Facebook, the first five times you search on Bing you’ll see a note at the top right of your search results that says “Bing just got better with your Facebook friends”. Click on the “Disable” link and you will disable the features. To turn them back on by signing into Facebook on Bing. At the top right of the Bing page, click on “sign in” to sign into Facebook and the features will re-appear.

Read more at Discovering Bing.

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  1. Vishal

    Hi… This is a good news that Bing took a big leap towards the No.1 Spot to beat the Nuisance(Google)!

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