Microsoft launches Bing Political Index to help voters choose next POTUS

The whole world is very much interested in knowing who might become the next President of the United States. With the race being tight as it is, folks may have to turn to Microsoft for help when the time comes.

bing political index

The software giant is moving in the right direction with what it calls the Bing Political Index. If all goes well, this system could potentially predict who might become the next President of the United States. If you’re a betting man, you should give this system some thought.

Bing Political Index

The new service shows how the views of candidates stands with public opinion, and how they compare with your own opinion. Furthermore, the ability is there to compare candidates from within the same party or from another party.

“The Bing Predicts team built the BPI by crunching terabytes of search and social data, layered with analysis from to determine the sentiment scores,” according to Walter Sun, leader of the Bing Predicts team and a principal applied science manager.

Bing Political Index is not all about predicting who will become the next President of the United States, but it can also help citizens decide on who to vote for when the time comes.

The Bing Political Index also lists the coming caucuses of 2016, right up to the election and to the date the new President of the United States will be sworn in. It’s a detailed page, and we are confident it will help thousands of Americans make the decision they think is correct when choosing their next leader.

As for us, we’ll just sit back and watch as it plays out. It should be interesting to see if Bing can predict who will become the next President of the United States of America.

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  1. Dan

    Hope they who buy MS government/military contracts or own stock, Dem or GOP, don’t “amazingly always come from behind proving Americans reject change to anything at all”; and hope they do more than ask the usual for-profit vested interests. I am a USA national and live here, so reality is very important to me.

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