Bing makes it easy to report copyright infringement with its new dashboard

Reporting an infringement has always been crucial, and lack of communication on this front can be a bottleneck it is for this reason that Bing has decided to make it easier for people to report copyright infringement. The newly introduced dashboard aims at providing insights into the status of copyright request and also keep a tab on the history of submission. The dashboard will be accessible to all the users submitting DMCA notice via the online form or even through the API feedback form.

Bing makes it easy to report copyright infringement

Bing makes it easy to report copyright infringement

Bing is designed to receive requests for copyright infringement claims through three different ways, an email, an online form and for selected users an API. While email has a lot of leeway for error and misinterpretations, submitters instead use the online form or the API. Bing’s new form will solve the problem by allowing submitters to use the online form and submit the relevant information.

Once submitted, the users will get an email reply along with access to the dashboard, and for the folks who submit the DMCA reports in bulk, the API program still makes sense.

The dashboard in question displays submission statistics for all notices received by Copyright Owner or the Agent. The submission will be accepted right away provided it contains all the information required by the DMCA. The applications will then be sent to pending state which means that Bing is currently processing the notice.

Furthermore, a table will also show the status of individual submissions and the status for each of the URLs within the submission. Also, clicking on individual submission ID is expected to display all the details for that particular submission. In a nutshell, Bing wants to make sure that the submitters send the report in the right form so that they can immediately work upon them. It is for this very reason that the Online form and the API are present.

Considering that the submitters have insights on the incidents, it sure does help Bing to respond immediately.

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