Bing Rewards offers free 100GB OneDrive storage

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  1. For those who can, signing up for Bing rewards involves only setting up a MS email account; then, you earn points of 1/2 point per individual item searched, up to 15 points (30 search items) per day usually; there are usually 1-4 extra points available per day as offered in your rewards account; and on widely random occasions, you can earn 30 points for a day or weekend instead of just 15; of course, you can earn more points anytime by getting others into the program, and earning points as they reach their own status levels.

    I usually redeem my points for Starbucks cards every so often, but there are other cards/discounts available including for XBox items and other retailers…all based on point values and a user’s program status level. Sometimes you can use points to enter giveaway contests.

    Got the 100GB two-year upgrade last week, but it took 1GB away from the unused 15GB free accounts get…not too costly a glitch, considering. Thanks for letting more people know about this, hope MS expands this globally one day soon. Cheers!

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