Bing searches now factored into Klout scores

Microsoft has always remained consistent in adding new features and enhancements to its search engine, Bing! Of late, we have learned that the Bing searches will now be used to increase your Klout Scores.


Bing searches now factored into Klout scores

For those not aware, Klout is a service that measures an individual’s social influence on the web. The service gives you a score ranging from 1-100, taking into account your social network reputation. The reputation is just indicative of your influence in the public social sphere. Sites that mainly contribute to your Klout score include Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and Google+.

With the official integration of Bing search results into the Klout score, Microsft has added a new functionality to measure influence beyond social indicators. So, now, everytime, someone searches for you on the web using Bing, it will add up to your Klout score. It’s been noted some people though influential, are not active in social network sphere. Klout uses Warren Buffett as an example to explain the very fact.

As an example, consider someone like Warren Buffett. Obviously Warren has tremendous real world Klout, but he isn’t particularly active on social media, with only three Tweets to his name. His relative influence can be challenging to measure with just the available online data. Our first step in solving the Buffett problem was to incorporate Wikipedia data into the Klout Score. Today, with the inclusion of Bing search results, our ability to measure influence beyond social indicators has taken a big leap forward.

The act will surely take Microsoft’s Bing and Klout relationship a step further. Microsoft certainly believes in Klout’s value because people get hired based on their Klout scores. The score to an extent indicates the influence of a person in public social sphere! As such, organizations prefer hiring individuals with high Klout scores.

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