Bing update brings Visual Search, Math Solver and more

The Bing team at Microsoft has been on their toes on making Bing a better search engine than its competition and shown an excellent growth. Every month, the team releases some major features for their search engine that makes it even more useful. This month of August 2018 is no exception. This month, they are rolling out features like capabilities of Text Transcription, updates to Visual Search dialog box, Math Solver, interactive ways to communicate like the American Sign Language (ASL), and updates to the scorecard for NFL.

Let us now check these features out one by one.

Math Solver

This new functionality will help you in using your mobile phones’ camera to solve mathematical equations. And if needed, it will explain the step by step procedure to solve it too with video tutorials about the solving method. This is currently available with Bing for iOS and is coming soon to Bing for Android devices.

It can be invoked by toggling to Math mode between Auto and Barcode scanning mode.

Text Transcription

When you need to copy any text from a hard copy, it becomes really tedious to type it all along on your phone. But with this feature, all you need to do is snap a picture. The Bing app will be smart enough to detect text from the image and you will be able to copy everything and paste accordingly.

This feature will soon be rolling out to Bing for iOS.

Visual Search experience

Based on Feedback, Microsoft has updated the Visual Search panel on Bing. Now, users will be able to drag and drop images from the computer locally or use the camera to take a picture or even paste an image’s URL to find relevant search results.

Bing update brings Visual Search, Math Solver and more

This change is most observable on Bing on a desktop or a laptop.

Bing Education Carousal

As schools are starting now, Bing is making it really better for students to learn basic stuff. All a user needs to do is, search for “Education on Bing” to try similar education-related topics to find relevant results.

This feature is particularly available in the US as of now.

ASL or American Sign Language

As Microsoft strives to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more, they are sticking to their aim. Now, they have announced a support for Sign Language experience with which they are providing 159 Videos or Words, 13 Phrases in ASL to help people learn sign languages.

This experience is available on both PCs and Mobile Devices.

Intelligent answers to NFL related queries

As the football season is also starting up, the NFL is quite famous. The Bing team bringing in all the statistic since 2000 for the viewers to get a more detailed information about their search related to the NFL.

This experience is available for Bing on PC, iOS, and Android as well.

You can read more about this announcement here.

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