Bing to support the ClaimReview markup by adding Fact Check label in SERP

In an attempt to keep its users informed about fake news sites, Bing, the web search engine from Microsoft has officially begun displaying Fact Check with a label in its search results. Yes, beginning today, Bing will support Fact Check label with ClaimReview markup.

ClaimReview markup feature will add a new UX element, called “Fact Check” label that will enable users to find fact checking information on news, major stories and webpages within the Bing search results page (SERP).

Bing to support ClaimReview by adding Fact Check label in SERP

Bing To Support Fact Check label in SERP

The label will support a broad range of categories including news, science, health   and politics and will feature fact check information that will allow users to verify the trustworthiness of the information published.

Bing is adding a new UX element to the search results, called the “Fact Check” label, to help users find fact checking information on news, and with major stories and webpages within the Bing search results. The label may be used on both news articles and web pages that Bing has determined contain fact check information to allow users to have additional information to judge for themselves what information on the internet is trustworthy. The label may be used on a broad category of queries including news, health, science and politics, mentioned Bing Blog.

A website should fulfill the following criteria to use the tag for their articles or webpages.

The page hosting the ClaimReview markup should provide atleast a brief summary of the fact check and the evaluation if not the full text.

Citations and references to primary sources should be included while performing any analysis in order to ensure complete transparency in the mechanism.

Claims and claim checks must be easily identified within the body of fact-check content. In addition to the above, readers should be able to determine and understand what was checked and what conclusions were reached.

The above suggests that Bing may penalize a site, if it finds a Claim Review tag is used  by webmaster without appropriate fact checking as it will amount to the violation of its webmaster guidelines.

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