Bing – Wolfram | Alpha update Bing Answers to let you access answers more quickly

Have your kids ever asked you a question for a school paper or homework that you wish you knew?  Have you given an answer that you “think” you remember from your days in school, knowing that the information you were about to give might be very outdated?

Bing had earlier announced that it will be providing access to Wolfram|Alpha’s advanced algorithms and expertly curated data within the Bing experience.

Now, with the latest release of new Bing answers through Bings collaboration with Wolfram|Alpha, you can get access to more types of answers quickly and confidently.

For example, maybe your child is doing a report on most populated countries and needs to find out the population of China vis a vis India … Bing and Wolfram | Alpha make finding the answers to these common questions that much easier by proving this information to you right in the search results.

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