BrowserID: A new way from Mozilla to sign in

You may be aware of the OpenID service, where you canĀ  register for free and get an ID. You can then use this global ID to log in to many other websites or services which support this login service.

Something similar to this – Mozilla has now launched a BrowserID service. Using BrowserID, you can now sign in to websites.

Normally, to sign up to a website, you have to create an account, enter your email ID, create a password and wait for a confirmation mail. Some website also outsource the entire sign up process to large providers like Windows Live, Google, Facebook or Twitter, but this could have privacy issues.

BrowserID offers another way to sign in. It implements the ‘verified email protocol’, which offers a streamlined user experience. A user can prove their ownership of an email address with fewer confirmation messages and without site-specific passwords.

BrowserID will work on all browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and also on mobile browsers. As a user of BrowserID, you confirm your email address only once. Then, you can sign into any web site that supports BrowserID with just two clicks.

Check out this video to learn more about it.

You can check out the demonstration here.

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