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Mozilla Firefox to get a new logo

Firefox first came into existence in 2002 with its evolutionary browser which made everyone switch to it. While many use Google Chrome now, but Firefox has its legacy for doing a lot of things first. Fast forward, Firefox is not […]


Mozilla writes an open letter on AADHAR and India’s data privacy laws

Ever since its inception, Aadhaar has been embroiled in running battles with an assorted group of privacy and rights activists. They fear the huge biometric database is susceptible to the threat of information leak. Moreover, it has few or no […]


WikiLeaks & CIA are undermining the security of the internet, says Mozilla

The recent disclosure from WikiLeaks is probably the biggest leak so far. This is because, WikiLeaks released thousands of pages that included detailed information about sophisticated tools, software and techniques that are used by CIA to access computers, smartphones and […]

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Mozilla sees no future for Thunderbird

Mozilla sees no future for Thunderbird and has thus decided to cut off the ties with this stand-alone email client. Mozilla however stop active development of in 2012 and now the company wants to split off completely. In a long post […]

Mozilla decides to block Adobe Flash due to security flaws

Seeing some critical yet unpatched vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash, Mozilla Firefox has decided to block all versions of Adobe Flash. As per the report posted by Adobe Flash last week, some critical vulnerabilities were identified in Adobe Flash Player […]


Mozilla intends to deprecate Non-Secure HTTP

In this day and age, there are millions of Internet users benefiting from improved security on the web. Still, some fall prey to non-secure websites. As such Mozilla has initiated an action of phasing out non-secure HTTP from its browser. […]


Thousands of Mozilla email IDs and Passwords were leaked

This story may be a month old, but its is something Mozilla users need to know. Early this month, Mozilla announced that a database on Mozilla Developer Network or MDN that contained members’ email IDs and passwords got disclosed on […]

Mozilla launches WebMaker

Mozilla Foundation has launched Webmaker, a project dedicated to help you create amazing web applications and more. WebMaker is a place for all creative persons whereby the selective group of individuals can come up with something amazing on the web. Besides […]

Mozilla kills Modern UI Firefox; explains reasons!

Last week Mozilla decided to suspend development of Firefox for Windows 8 owing to the low adoption rate. The numbers, it believed were not just sufficient to find the amount of bugs that could be encountered by the larger Firefox […]

Firefox OS not secure, invites phishing and malware, says analyst

An analyst Axelle Apvrille from the Fortinet Blog has uncovered the security threats and loopholes in the underlying technology base for Firefox OS. She has developed an application for Firefox called CrackMe and has explored the malware threats and possibilities […]

Firefox Now Supports CSP 1.0 to Block XSS Attacks

After a long wait and debate Mozilla Firefox 23 finally supports Content Security Policy 1.0 (CSP 1.0), a set of content restriction for a web page. Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 are already supporting CSP 1.0. Google Chrome added […]

Firefox 20 released – What is new?

Mozilla has finally rolled out the 20th edition of their popular browser Firefox. Following the rapid release cycle, the 20th edition goes live after testing of six beta’s. Previously 19.0.2 was the stable release. The latest version available is Firefox 20 […]

Mozilla Persona, an Identity System for the Web, launched

Mozilla today launched an authentication service “Mozilla Persona” to improve the way you sign in to different websites. With Persona, you can sign-in to different websites using a single email addresses relieving yourself from the trouble of memorizing and managing […]

18 mobile operators extend support to the newly announced Firefox OS

Mozilla announced the much-awaited Firefox OS at the Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona, Spain. Along with this announcement came the news that 18 operators has announced their commitment to Firefox OS, which will power the world’s first Open Web […]

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Mozilla ends support for Firefox v3.6 – Time to move on!

Like it or not, it is time for you to get use to user interface changes as  Mozilla Firefox team after 2 years of regular updates have decided to end their support for Mozilla Firefox 3.6 on 24th April. The […]

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Mozilla Renames Browser ID as Persona, and Persona as Themes, After Much Confusion

Sometime ago, Mozilla officially announced that Personas would become the new name for Mozilla’s Web-scale identity system (formerly called BrowserID). This however led to much confusion as the same name i.e. Personas was assigned to other feature that allowed Firefox, Thunderbird […]

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BrowserID: A new way from Mozilla to sign in

You may be aware of the OpenID service, where you can  register for free and get an ID. You can then use this global ID to log in to many other websites or services which support this login service.

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Mozilla Service Week – Make a Difference

Mozilla is celebrating its very first Mozilla Service Week. During the week of September 14-21, 2009, we’re asking people to step up and make a difference by using the Web to better their community. Mozilla is a global community with […]