WikiLeaks & CIA are undermining the security of the internet, says Mozilla

The recent disclosure from WikiLeaks is probably the biggest leak so far. This is because, WikiLeaks released thousands of pages that included detailed information about sophisticated tools, software and techniques that are used by CIA to access computers, smartphones and at times; internet –connected smart TVs. Mozilla reacted on this matter and mentioned how CIA, as well as WikiLeaks, are undermining the security of the internet with the disclosure of such sensitive information.


Mozilla’s take on security of the internet

On this whole issue involving WikiLeaks and CIA, Mozilla reacted strongly. Mozilla published its statement on Mozilla Blogs saying if the information released by WikiLeaks is accurate; then CIA is undermining the security of the internet. Not only CIA but WikiLeaks too is taking the security of the internet very lightly.

Mozilla emphasizes on the fact that cybersecurity is a shared responsibility. This is an important factor when it comes to the security of the internet; as well as that of billions of users using it. According to the Mozilla, WikiLeaks not only released the CIA documents, but the organization also disclosed the security vulnerabilities. That clearly gives out a message that both CIA and WikiLeaks are not living up to their standards; where security in every field is supposed to be the top priority.

Mozilla mentions in its statement on security of the internet,

“….the CIA seems to be stockpiling vulnerabilities, and WikiLeaks seems to be using that trove for shock value rather than coordinating disclosure to the affected companies to give them a chance to fix it and protect users.”

Mozilla also mentions that government agencies such as CIA as well as WikiLeaks must strike a balance between two interests; delaying the disclosure of the vulnerabilities and stockpiling these vulnerabilities. The recent incident demonstrated how easily stockpiling vulnerabilities can call for a disaster due to the absence of proper policies and procedures. This also endangers the security of the internet to the maximum extent.

The blog post also adds,

“We have been advocating for broader, open conversations about disclosure of security vulnerabilities and although today’s disclosures are jarring, we hope this raises awareness of the severity of these issues and the urgency of collaborating on reforms.”

The documents released by WikiLeaks consist of several sensitive details. It is nothing less than a highly detailed technical catalog of tools. These include common computer tools that can be used for spying such as Skype, Wi-Fi networks and also the commercial antivirus programs. Some programs mentioned in these documents explain ways to break into a computer as well as how to steal passwords using the autocomplete functions on Internet Explorer. This information is certainly going to ‘help’ the cybercriminals to carry out their malicious activities.

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