You can now use Facebook to send divorce summons

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  1. Obviously this is just a trial Court Judge, inventing new interpretations of a New York Code Of Civil Procedure in re service of process; the true propriety that electronic personal media constitutes a good faith attempt of “publication” in a medium of general circulation germane to the subject respondent may well be decided in reviewing Courts; e.g., in a particular situation it may apropos, as in this one, or some lawyer might argue that even so, even if a forum name isn’t faked/wrong named person, Facebook of one person versus general newspaper ad overly presumes someone will easily return to, be told by others about, or be the proper person…again, only time will tell.

    But if the various Courts here can come to a consensus permitting some degree of notice by mere internet, even I could avail of the practice: for a while, I’ve had an extremely elusive set of persons technically able to keep hiding, wait for traditional notice by publication, then specially appear to contest service by publication and restart the vicious circle…if it becomes lawful to serve by their business and social website media, that and regular publication could put an end to jurisdictional matters…for now, the matter would not be part of New York’s Judicial system, so I’m stymied…even where the proposed respondents’ use of internet ironically is allowably part of the cause for legal action.

    Thanks for this tip, which I hadn’t even gotten from government and legal services digests I receive; I’ll be sure to keep an eye on developments. Cheers!

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