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Microsoft sues Software Pirate who is a repeat offender

In a bid to crackdown on stolen Windows and Office activation codes Microsoft has sued a Wisconsin man. Surprisingly the man has been booked thrice and he already owes Microsoft $1.2 Million in fines. The complaint filed by Microsoft on […]

Microsoft gets support against its big battle with the U.S Government

Microsoft is finally getting support from tech giants including Google, Apple, and Amazon as it gears up to fight its biggest battle against the U.S Department of Justice, which it sued in April 2016 for violation of customer protection. Google, […]


Google and Microsoft end their war over Intellectual Property

The two software giants, Microsoft and Google Inc. finally decide to give their war over Intellectual property a break. As per the report on Business Finance News, the two software giants have called truce on their tiff. The report says, […]

U.S. Government wants access to Microsoft’s Ireland email servers

Microsoft and the U.S. Government are at odds today over emails stored in Ireland. Apparently, the Government wants to the software giant to turn over these emails, but the company is refusing. The issue between both entities have found its […]

Microsoft finally overcomes 8-year-old lawsuit to block sale of phones

Back in the year of 2007, Nokia was sued by a company that goes by the name, InterDigital. This company has claimed at the time that several Nokia handsets had infringed on patents covering 3G cellular technology. Since Microsoft went […]

Reports claim Microsoft smartphones infringe on two InterDigital patents

Microsoft is likely to face a ban on importing handsets into the US after a ruling issued by the International Trade Commission. The commission noted, Microsoft had used technology for which InterDigital owns the patents without obtaining the relevant permission. […]


Microsoft and Getty Images settle dispute over online photo tool

A lawsuit against Microsoft has been dropped by Getty Images over an alleged massive copyright infringement. With this step, both the companies have agreed upon an amicable plan where Getty Images would continue to serve images on Microsoft’s devices and […]

You can now use Facebook to send divorce summons

What do you do if your spouse is not available or is purposefully avoiding receipt of divorce papers? In an judgement passed by a New York judge, the court has allowed a nurse to file for divorce via Facebook messaging […]


EU’s prepares to file Antitrust Suit against Google

Europe’s competition regulator is preparing to file charges against Google Inc in the antitrust investigation over the next few weeks. If charges were filed against Google Inc, this would be the EU’s highest-profile antitrust suit since its lengthy campaign that […]

Facebook invading Privacy, Tracks all visitors in breach of EU Law

According to a news report, Facebook installs cookies on the users’ computers and tracks their internet use, even after the user has logged out, opted out of tracking or deleted the Facebook account Facebook, like any other website, does this […]

Microsoft Law Enforcement Request Report

Microsoft releases Law Enforcement Requests Report

Microsoft has published its bi-annual Law Enforcement Requests Report that talks about the long-help policies that Microsoft follows, in responding to requests that are received from law enforcement agencies, on customer information from all around the world. The report also […]

Turkey to ban Minecraft?

The last week has seen multiple reports that Turkey is on its way to ban Minecraft, a game newly acquired by Microsoft. Minecraft is a game that allows the imagination of players to run wild while coming up with their […]

Microsoft vs Kyocera

Microsoft sues Kyocera over phones; seeks to bring US Injunction

Kyocera’s new phones Duraforce, Hydro and Brigadier have landed the company in a soup. The legal department of Microsoft has registered a case against Kyocera a Japanese manufacturer, in the US legal system. Microsoft alleges that the phones infringe seven […]

Class Action Lawsuit against Lenovo for bundling Superfish under consideration

A Class Action Lawsuit against Lenovo, for bundling Superfish malware on its PCs, appears to be under consideration. Lenovo, the Chinese multinational computer Technology Company lately has been in headlines for shipping the machines preloaded with an adware Superfish. The […]

predictive policing

Microsoft talks of law enforcement with predictive policing

There is no one in the world, I guess, who don’t want to live in the area where there is a minimum possibility of crime to occur. But unfortunately it seems to be very difficult for the law enforcement, and […]

Getty lawsuit forces Microsoft to take down Bing Image Search Widget

Beta version of Bing Image Search widget, a product from Microsoft has been taken down owing to alleged copyright infringement. Getty – An American stock photo agency which brings to you top breaking news photo gallery online has slapped a […]


Microsoft may face fresh dispute over OneDrive brand name

Just a couple of days back we covered in a post about Microsoft renaming its popular cloud service SkyDrive to OneDrive after losing a trademark dispute with the UK broadcaster British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB). Microsoft was forced to adopt […]

Microsoft to rebrand SkyDrive as a result of settlement with BSkyB

Last month a TV broadcasting group BSkyB dragged Microsoft to court over copyright infringement of two of their UK registered trademarks named ‘SKY’. Though apart from the root word “Sky” both the services have nothing else common in between them. […]

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Microsoft sues Atlanta based company over Copyright Infringement issue

Declining offer for discussion, Microsoft Corp has filed a copyright and trademark infringement lawsuit against VertexPC company in U.S. District Court in Atlanta. The Buford-based company sells PCs and other computer equipment and software. Microsoft claims the hardware and the […]

Microsoft may lose rights to the SkyDrive name as it loses trademark case

Microsoft lost a trademark battle against British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) at the UK’s high court in England and Wales for infringing the ‘Sky’ trademark. There will be another hearing in the presence of the presiding judge Justice Sarah Asplin for […]

Unlocking of phones bought after Jan 26, banned by DMCA

Yes. You heard it right. Unlocking phones bought after Jan 26 has been finally declared illegal by DMCA. Digital Millennium Copyright Act had decided in October 2012 that unlocking mobile phones would no longer be allowed. However they provided a 90-day window during which people could […]

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Apple Inc Loses Another Lawsuit, Fined 1 Million Yuan

Apple Inc lost another copyright lawsuit in Xinhua, China. Apple Inc has been fined for 1 million Yuan ($160,400) by a Chinese court for hosting third party applications on its Apps Store. As reported by the Chinese news agency Xinhua on Friday, […]

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Apple May Pay IGB For The iPhone Brand Name Rights

Apple Inc. will reportedly pay to the Brazilian Company Gradiente Eletronica SA, (now turned into IGB Electronica) for using iPhone brand, says a Brazilian telecommunications analyst. Brazilian company Gradiente SA won the legal right to use the brand name iPhone last week […]

Apple, Samsung To Fight It Out Again In An Epic $1 Billion Courtroom Case

The epic patent fight between Apple and Samsung Electronics resumed on Thursday December 6, 2012. The top Smartphone sovereigns are again in a federal courtroom to fight for the rights to vital smartphone-related technology. Samsung and Apple are still seeking judgments to […]