U.S. Government wants access to Microsoft’s Ireland email servers

Microsoft and the U.S. Government are at odds today over emails stored in Ireland. Apparently, the Government wants to the software giant to turn over these emails, but the company is refusing. The issue between both entities have found its way to the appeals court in New York City, and it has created an oral argument with no end in sight.


Microsoft is arguing that should it hand over the emails from the Ireland servers, it could destroy any form of trust the Irish people have in the company, which would ultimately hurt business not only in that country, but chances are, other parts of Europe.

Should the U.S. Government get its way, it is possible that other countries would require the same rights to access servers of U.S. companies within the United States. It could cause a global meltdown where countries have no boundaries.

Microsoft also went on to state that the U.S. Government and Congress did not say the Electronics Communications Privacy Act “should reach private emails stored on providers’ computers in foreign countries.”

If this is truly the case, then the government is in a tight position because Microsoft is following the law, and the Government is not.

The software giant says it would prefer if Microsoft communicates with the Irish Government on this manner instead of trying to use it to gain this valuable piece of information.

As for what this is all about, we understand the U.S. Government want to investigate a particular person, but in order for this investigation to go forward in a big way, it needs to gain access to the email server.

“We hope the U.S. Government will work with Congress and with other Governments to reform the laws, rather than simply seek to reinterpret them, which risks happening in this case,” Microsoft’s general counsel Brad Smith wrote in a post in April.

Only time will tell if this issue ends well for both Microsoft, and the Government.

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