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Yahoo fined $2.7 Billion by Mexican Court

Yahoo! the US Internet giant has been ordered by a Mexican court to pay a huge amount of $2.7bn in fines. The struggling Internet Company has however issued a defiant response to the ruling claiming the verdict is without merit. […]

Samsung ordered to pay $5.5 million to former employee

With the recent patent battle with Apple not being enough, Samsung got embroiled in a recent controversy concerning one of its ex-employee and was ordered to pay huge sums of money by a local court. Samsung Electronics was ordered to […]

Russian Courts confirm Microsoft’s right to domain

Back in February 2012, Microsoft had launched proceedings against a Russian businessman Dmitry Shapovalov, who was the owner of domain. The website contained information about aircraft, avionics and other equipment that use the trademark. Microsoft stated that it owned […]

Microsoft sued over Surface Tablet storage space issue

A Los Angeles based Attorney, Andrew Sokolowski after criticizing the conduct of Microsoft Corp. has filed a suit against the company claiming it offers less usable storage space than advertised in its Surface tablet. Microsoft Surface Lawsuit The lawyer said that he […]

Microsoft sued over use of Live tiles in Windows

Barely a week passed when Microsoft launched the newest OS – Windows 8, the company has started facing lawsuits. This one is a Portland based OS development company, SurfCast. The self-proclaimed operating-system designer headquartered in Portland, Maine alleges that the software giant […]