Class Action Lawsuit against Lenovo for bundling Superfish under consideration

A Class Action Lawsuit against Lenovo, for bundling Superfish malware on its PCs, appears to be under consideration. Lenovo, the Chinese multinational computer Technology Company lately has been in headlines for shipping the machines preloaded with an adware Superfish. The company has reportedly sold millions of such laptops and desktops since September 2014. lenovo-superfish-malware

Although, the Company claims that they have stopped preloading Superfish, but many systems sold in the month of January are still affected. Lenovo has also released a SuperFish Removal Tool that can automatically uninstall the malware for its laptops and computers.

Hattis Law, the California law firm is investigating the issue and the security researchers at the firm today identified that the adware coming preinstalled with Lenovo machines is highly dangerous and hijacks the encrypted browsing sessions and would allow the hackers to bypass the system’s web encryption.

Hattis Law further reported that,

“Superfish can enable the man-in-the-middle attacks whereby attackers can easily certify imposter HTTPS websites that masquerade as Bank of America, Google, or any other secure destination on the Internet.”

Hattis Law firm is known to work to protect consumers from the deceptive business practices of large corporations. This is not the first time when Lenovo has been caught under such lawsuit, Hattis previously wedged the company for false advertising.

If you are a U.S. consumer who purchased a Lenovo laptop or desktop after September 2014, you may have a claim. We would like to hear from you, says Hattis Law.

Thanks for the tip Dwight L. Stegall.

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  1. FYI

    Hattis Law, the California law firm is investing (investigating?SIC – but seems Freudian?)

  2. FYI

    Hattis previously wedged the company for false advertising.

    Rly? – who did they pull the pants up on?

  3. Ed

    If your going to open a class action lawsuit against Lenovo, you might as well go ahead and open one against HP, Gateway, Asus, and the list goes on …… because guess what? they all do it, only difference is Lenovo got caught. Any PC maker that sells PC’s bundled with crapware has the capability and probably is in all fairness doing it, only difference is there malware hasn’t been identified yet.

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