Microsoft may face fresh dispute over OneDrive brand name

Just a couple of days back we covered in a post about Microsoft renaming its popular cloud service SkyDrive to OneDrive after losing a trademark dispute with the UK broadcaster British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB). Microsoft was forced to adopt such a move after BSkyB took Microsoft to court over “Sky” brand and the court ruled in favor of BSkyB. However, it seems that Microsoft could face yet another dispute with its new OneDrive branding.


As reported by Neowin, Thomas Medard Frederiksen the Chief operating officer of a company named as said that his company is now “consulting trademark experts” following Microsoft’s rebranding, stating that OneDrive is “a name that is very close to’s own cloud service.”

Frederiksen also mentioned that

“It was a big surprise to me that Microsoft have decided to name their cloud service OneDrive. For me, it’s important to protect our brand company name.” Microsoft would have done more thorough research, before releasing their new name. They are after all one of the big players in the market”. claims that it has offered cloud storage solutions under the ‘Cloud Drive’ moniker for the last three years, allowing customers to synchronise their files to their online storage.

“OneDrive, from Microsoft, is a similar product – with a similar name, that will lead to confusion.”

Well, we know that this is not the first time when Microsoft is facing issue over a brand name. However renaming its cloud service twice would certainly be a little embarrassing.

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