Caption It, a new interactive website from MSN

If you think that pictures are worth a thousand words Caption It from MSN is a new website you may want to check out!

Caption It! is an interactive site complete with text and images and, more importantly, the latest buzz. The site will hold content showcasing the top MSN services viz. Sports, Fashion, Hollywood, Bollywood, and News.

The user has to select a category in which he will be presented with some images for which he can give Captions. The user can also write interesting things about what people on the images are thinking through Blurb It. A more creative user can create a storyline to a sequence of images to make it into an interesting strip.

All MSN users will be able to vote for their favorite Captions or blurbs and the best among these would be displayed on the index page.

Put your own spin on captioning pictures from MSN’s huge repository  of images. Make them interesting in your own way! New pictures are up every few minutes, so make sure you stay here to have all the fun. Share your favorites, vote for them or enjoy what others have posted.

Caption images with wacky and quirky ones, get them voted by your friends and see your captions grow in popularity. Share your captions and rule the world!

Visit MSN Caption It.

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  1. John Nuttall

    I checked out MSN caption it website/Hollywood.I tried to view pics and was warned by Norton that it was a known fraudulent site.

    Check this out

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