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Kodi Domain

Kodi domain shutdown, although temporarily!

Kodi had been through many difficult crises earlier but somehow managed to stay afloat. However, the new development worries many of its users. The Twitter handle of the website informed that the site will be temporarily down until further notice. […]

Microsoft to retire the Remix 3D website

Remix 3D is retiring in early next year, says Microsoft. After being rumored for quite some time, the company recently announced the closure of Remix 3D website on the frequently asked questions page on the Windows support site. Remix 3D […]

PowerApps Portal Dashboard

Microsoft PowerApps portal debuts with new maker experience

Microsoft has launched its PowerApps portal. The introduction of the web apps design platform will enable the ability to build low-code, responsive websites through a dedicated portal designer. External users would be allowed to interact with the data stored in […]

dell logo

Dell & Dunkin Donuts websites face cybersecurity incidents

In two separate cybersecurity incidents, involving Dell and Dunkin’ Donuts, it was revealed that customers’ information might have been stolen by hackers. faces cybersecurity incident Dell, the American multinational computer technology company, came out with a release on its website […]

TrendMicro releases Machine-Learning Toolkit to scan websites

TrendMicro releases Machine-Learning Toolkit to scan websites

The sole activity undertaken by data researchers, reverse engineers, and security professionals to provide the first line of defense against any security threats is data collection. It helps in manual data analysis through multiple repetitive operations which help in developing […]

Windows Help Me Choose website launched for Windows device buyers

If you aren’t sure about which Windows device to choose for your busy life, a new tool from Microsoft will help you find the right one. Known as Windows Help Me Choose, the ingenious tool will walk interested buyers through […]

website website to close down permanently

DMOZ, one of the largest human-edited web directory maintained by a community of volunteer editors is nearing its end. The open directory project. The main page of the web site bears the following message: IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of March 14, […]

Cloudflare bug causes leak of personal HTTPS data of leading websites

Cloudflare is a fairly popular web service, and security company and a recent massive attack are said to have exposed user data with regards to several sites running on Cloudflare. Let’s first begin by understanding what exactly does Cloudflare does. […]

Microsoft Tech Community for IT Pro’s launched

Amid all speculations and rumors, Microsoft has come up with its latest iteration of community resource – Microsoft Tech Community. Yes, the most recent version from Microsoft is now live. Microsoft Tech Community for IT Pros Today we are pleased […]

CTB-Locker Ransomware hijacks the entire BACP website

The latest news reports suggest that the BACP or British Association for Counseling & Psychotherapy website has been hit by a variant of the CTB-Locker ransomware. The variant of ransomware,from the family of CTB-Locker, is actually the first ever ransomware […]

Microsoft takes down the Windows Compatibility Center website

Windows Compatibility Center website has been taken down. The URL of Windows Compatibility Center home page is automatically redirected to the Windows home page. That is, now redirects to The Windows Compatibility Center is a compatibility database for […]

Microsoft Product Donations website launched

Donation is an act of giving something in charity. The term is very closely associated with philanthropists as they seek to promote welfare of others by making generous donations intended for their well-being. There are many non-profit organizations that strongly […] from Microsoft Garage launched

Microsoft Garage is a place where ideas come to reality. And these are not just ideas, but it’s a stuff that no would ever think about. The Microsoft Garage Projects are a way to exhibit the talent for the think […]

DDoS attack

Canadian Government website hit by DDoS attack, making it offline

It’s an unfortunate news for the Canadian Government Website, as it was hit by a DDoS attack and was made offline. As per the reports, the attack was made by an anonymous group that apparently did this due to outrage […]

LastPass compromised; change your master password ASAP

LastPass, the password manager recently announced suspicious activity on its network. While the encrypted user vault data is safe, the company acknowledged that some of the data including email addresses, password reminder and authentication hashes were compromised. While everything now […]

Find out your twin with Microsoft Twin Detector Website

Microsoft has come up with a website that helps you find out if you have any secret twins. Both the earlier launched Microsoft Age Detector website and this Twin Detector website, TwinsOrNot are attempts to showcase the capabilities of Windows Azure. Microsoft […]

Microsoft Match will get the perfect Windows device for you

Answer six quick questions and Microsoft Match from Staples, will find the best suitable Windows device for you. More the choices, the bigger is the confusion. Windows offer too many great devices with highly advanced features and specifications, but not […]

dont keep photo

We don’t keep the photo on, says Microsoft

The new How Old Do I Look website has gone viral on the social media and become a craze among those wanting to find out how old they actually looked. While the results may not always be accurate, it […]

Microsoft may use your pictures uploaded on

Don’t panic if you see your picture published somewhere on the Internet. Yes, if you have recently uploaded your picture on to find out How Old You Look, you have actually allowed Microsoft to use your picture anywhere for […]


GitHub was hit with a massive DDoS attack from China

GitHub, the popular web based hosting service for software development, was hit with a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack from China for the past 24 hours. The attack started sometime on Wednesday, when Chinese web services company Baidu, started […]

slack logo

Slack was Hacked; Its Central database exposed

The startup technologies appear to be the new target of hackers. Slack, the text messaging start-up today disclosed that it had been hacked by hackers. The company was hacked for four days in February exposing the central database to malicious […]


One in three of top websites vulnerable or hacked, says report

A report from a security company, has bought some striking revelations about the security of the websites that we browse daily. The report says that one in three of the top million websites was either vulnerable to be compromised or […]


Microsoft files case against, takes control of 22 domains

Continuing its crusade against global cybercrimes, Microsoft filed a civil case in the court against a U.S. company, named as and was granted control of 22 domains run by Microsoft said that Vitalwerks Internet Solutions, LLC (doing business […]

Microsoft launches Office Mix website

Growing Office 365 service user base has prompted Microsoft to widen or expand its popular Office suite by offering new apps. As such, you can observe, beginning today, roll out of a new service called Office Mix. The service is […]

Rethink What The Web Can Be with the brand new Internet Explorer

For the past two years, Internet Explorer has been vigorously innovating and pushing to the extreme levels of creativity in order to make the web experience much faster and perfect. Today, IE launches Rethink, a platform showcasing the efforts which […]

Microsoft launches a new Technical Communities Website

Whether you are having some problem on your Microsoft product and are seeking help, or you are an expert that can help people with common queries, there is a good news for you. Microsoft has just announced that it is […]


Microsoft launches Curah, a Curated Answers website

Microsoft has launched a new portal, which promises to offer the best tech answers on the web.  Microsoft Curah, aims to be a one-stop portal where all content is well-organized, and solutions are developed by technical experts. The curation portal […]